MCAs Determined to Sack PSB, Impeachment Process To Start Tuesday

Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

MCAs have vowed to impeach commissioners of county public service board over alleged irregularities in the cancelled shortlist of job applicants.

Kitengela Ward MCA Paul Matuyia told KNU today, the process of impeaching is set to start on Tuesday next week in the afternoon when the account assembly resumes from weekend recess.

Matuyia said; “We have enough reasons to bring down the board after it emerged on Thursday that it is mired in nepotism, corruption and tribalism. We are all together, as MCAs, to ensure that public officers adhere to ethics, failure to which we shall apply existing laws to kick them out.”

Even as MCAs now parade to kick out the entire county PSB, its chair John Moyaki, has remained mum over the matter after he refused to reply to our calls.

On Wednesday, we called him to clarify emerging accusations from the public over their conduct but he immediately sent back a message saying; “I will call you right back”.  The following day on Thursday, Moyaki (pictured above) completely refused to pick our call.

Meanwhile, Kajiado MCAs on Thursday unanimously voted against recent short listing of job applicants citing alleged anomalies in the process.

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The County Public Service Board shortlisted 463 out of 740 applicants for various jobs earlier advertised.

The annulment by the county assembly on Thursday followed a public outcry on the short listing as the youth and local populace took to social media to attack the board of nepotism, tribalism, corruption and biasness in the whole process.

Chairing the session on Thursday late afternoon, the deputy speaker, Joseph Masiaya, said the matter is of public interest and termed the process by the CPSB a “sham”.

Earlier in the day, the sectoral committee on public service, administration and citizen participation of the House chaired by MCA Peter Parsen grilled the county public service board chairman, Moyaki and two commissioners; Joseph Nailole and Wilson Tonkei, whose submissions, he said, failed to convince the Committee.

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Parsen moved the motion in the House seeking the withdrawal of the shortlisted candidates, which he termed; “it fell short of the legal requirement”.

The chairman also called on the board to suspend the purported ongoing interviews as the process used was “marred with motley irregularities”.

The nine member committee called on the board to initiate a new process for short-listing of candidates to the advertised positions and comply with all constitutional and statutory requirements.
Justus Ngossor (Ewuaso Oonkidong’i) blamed the board for lack of inclusivity and based the selection on discrimination which he said was against the laws of Kenya.

MCA Paul Matuyia – Kitengela Ward

“In my Ward one clan got 99 per cent of the slots in the list. This is discriminatory and complete lack of inclusivity as required by the law,” said Ngossor.

Nominated MCA Grace Salau blamed the county employing board for inconsistencies and being unapologetic at the time of interrogation by committee members.

“Instead of being apologetic for the mistakes and causing public uproar they chose to take us in cycles and wild goose chasing,” said Salau.

Ildamat MCA, Samuel Teum and nominated MCA Mario Sandra sought to know why the board’s consideration of the minority tribes was not factored in the process.
“The board has failed to convince us on how one tribe becomes a minority in such a cosmopolitan county. What was the board up to?” asked Teum.

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Henry Kimiti (Kenyewa/Poka) said the board was likely to have been arm-twisted by some leaders with vested interest to break the law in the short-listing process.

“It is surprising that the board had to be coerced into allowing some county executive committee members to reward cronies for political gains like in the case of Public Works department,” said Kimiti in the assembly.

“The list failed to factor in the people with disabilities, the law requires that 5 per cent of employees be PWDs but this was not the case and only one person was shortlisted,” argued Nominated MCA Josephine Sharaar.

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The board chair appealed to the assembly to allow it complete the work arguing the names do not identify the tribes or the minority.
On Wednesday Nominated MCA Onesmus Ngogoyo, pushed for disbandment of the board for having lost confidence of the public they need to serve.

The action of the Assembly means that the county employer will have to cancel the whole process as they work hard to redeem their image.

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