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Assembly Disbands Public Service Board Job Seekers’ Short List, Board to Go

Process of disbanding County Public Service Board started today after its members allegedly contravened the “Code of Conduct and Ethics” in allocating their relatives jobs.

Kajiado County Assembly at the same time has disbanded the entire shortlist of all the job seekers published by the board early this week, saying it was “totally cooked” by board members.

The committee on public service, administration and citizen participation chaired by MCA Peter Parsen grilled all the board members on Thursday morning and established damning report which includes, nepotism and favoritism in recent short listing of job applicants for interview.

Parsen told a full House how the chairman of the board, John Muyiaki and his members allocated themselves a minimum of four slots for their relatives while short-listing the applicants.

MCA Onesmus Ngogoyo told KNU in an interview Muyiaki and his team “will go home because they are an embarrassment to the government of Governor Joseph Lenku” after short-listing their relatives for employment by the county.

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“They contravened the Public Officer Ethics Act, and therefore will be made to leave. We have disbanded their list and called their disbandment of the entire team,” said Ngogoyo.

When the committee on public service made their recommendation before the House, members moved a popular vote to send home Muyiaki and his entire team.

Speaking immediately after the assembly started the process of disbanding the County Public Service Board, politician Sankok Teeka said the board has been a liability to the entire region.

“I am thanking our living God for opening the eyes of our MCAs to see the rot that has been perpetuated by Muyiaki for the last six years at the helm. Our youth have been crying foul of this man, who has no respect for humanity but the previous regime saw no ill in him,” said Teeka.

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Parsen said the short-list stands disbanded until a new board is put in place and recommended that all the members including the recent recruited vice chair will face the sack after it emerged that each of them had a minimum of four relatives each while the highest had 8 close relatives short listed for county jobs.

The motion to remove the entire PSB was moved on the floor of the house by leader of the Majority in the House, Julius Moipaai.

Moipaai was cheered throughout by all members from all political parties in the House, an indication Muyiaki and his entire team will face the axe after the board emerged to have contravened the laws of the land.




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