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Lenku Moves Fast to Reign on County Public Service Board Over Jobs Fiasco

Owing to pressure, Governor Joseph Lenku (below) is said to be in talks with county public service board with a view of adding more people to their recent shortlist.

Impeccable sources disclosed to KNU on Wednesday morning the governor supports the move to add more people to the shortlist so as to ensure fair and equitable job opportunities to all.

The governor’s action comes only one day after Keek-Onyokie MCA, Saoyo Kusero, had issued a statement urging the county PSB to shortlist more deserving youth who are competent and qualified.

This came about after it became imminent that most of those shortlisted appeared to have similar names with some of the top officials of the service board and those in the cabinet.

Another clear example, it is alleged, is that while they were short listing names for the position of senior economist, some individuals with masters degree were cut off an others less qualified but with cronies within.

Youth from across the county put pressure on the regional government to quash the said list and prepare another one with ‘credible’ people.

Even after getting pressure from all corners of the county, no official statement came from the chairman of the board.

The governor’s intervention appears to cool down the debate that had taken various dimensions in the social media.

Eyes will now shift to the CPSB as the more angry young men and women cut out in the process of short listing will to see what will happen.

Most of those who raised their voices claimed the process was arranged in such a way that the more qualified persons were thrown out to make it easy for those being aided by their cronies make through in interviews to come later.

Some of them have even made allegations to the effect that most of those without cronies in the government paid up to Sh50, 000 in bribing to be considered.

Perhaps, it is right for the governor to order investigations on the same so as to clear any doubt that may be associated with the board.

It is also high time that those claiming to have given out bribes come out to be counted as part of the bad elements in the society and face the anti corruption commission for indulging in criminal activity.

It will be interesting to see the governor acting to restore the integrity of the county PSB and at the same time steer clear clean from the already dented and tainted employment body.

The board has been accused of outright nepotism, corruption, clan separation and most of all, disregard of the basic minimum qualification requirement of those they shortlisted.

We attempted to reach out to the county PSB chairman, John Muyiaki (below) some minutes ago before we went to press said in an automated message; “I will call you back later”.

We sent him a message requesting him to respond to allegations and claims labeled against his office in regards to the controversial shortlist but did not respond.

It was not clear to us whether the chairman was avoiding our questions or it is his way of silencing snoopy journalists.



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