Assembly Pokes Holes on Executive’s Management of Youth Revolving Funds

The assembly committee chairperson on Sport, Yvonne Tonkei (below) has revealed a damning report on the distribution of financial resources to youth groups.

In a motion Tonkei moved in the assembly on Tuesday, Tonkei poked holes on the leadership of the responsible department for its failure to educate beneficiaries of such funds.

The Nominated MCA shocked the house when she revealed her committee, which was tasked to find out the number of groups that received the funds in each sub county, found out that most of the youth groups did not even know the money is a revolving fund.

“Mr. Speaker Sir, our finding on this report I am moving in the House for adoption reveals that there was no training on the use of the distributed funds to the groups by the responsible department,” said Tonkei on the floor of the House.

She said owing to that failure in the part of the concerned department, most youth groups thought the money was given to them as personal grants, and never to be refunded to the revolving fund.

Tonkei, further said, out of the youth groups given resources to boost their businesses by the county government, only Bus Radio managed to repay 50 per cent of the loan.

“At least women groups, although they were not given any training, managed to repay their loans, with some completing in a record five months,” Tonkei told the assembly.

She said the committee established that many groups that received county funding could not service their loans due to prolonged electioneering period in the country last year.

Tonkei also added that the most groups affected by election campaigns were those in towns owing to minimized business.

“Other groups in the rural areas that also benefitted from the youth funds had invested heavily on livestock, which in turn were affected by prolonged drought period in the region. Most of their stock died due to the drought,” added Tonkei.

Other that education on the use of the resources the committee also found out that members of the several boards charged with the distribution of the funds were never facilitated to do their jobs by the youth department because it did not have a vote for the same.

While making making her presentation, Tonkei said the committee made several recommendations to the executive which includes; organised workshops for the beneficiary of the funds, put in place measures measures to cushion livestock farmers during drought period.

Tonkei said the committee also recommended to the executive to help in supporting livestock farmers get markets during drought period and also help them get the right livestock that can withstand drought.

“The executive should also provide training to the beneficiaries of available funds and farmers to invest on alternative income generating activities other than just keeping livestock,” said Tonkei

The assembly adopted her committee’s finding, and there after the same will be forwarded to the executive for action.



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