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My Opinion on Men who awkwardly think Women Must Always Open Servers

I am just curious that can’t we ladies get county jobs without the issues of ‘servers ‘coming up and women openly being reprimanded by male chauvinists?, asks Lilian Ene Ole Siteleu.

Every time a lady succeeds in getting county or national government jobs some men have a habit of insinuating that it happened because it was exchanged with ‘flesh’.

What is it about sex that men keep on yapping every time women land plum jobs claiming that we give out our bodies in exchange of such positions?

Talking from my point of view, for those men who were recently shortlisted, what did you give out in return?

Are you ashamed of yourselves yapping every time about sex and posting such in social media and yet you have sisters and relatives who are seeking jobs in the market?

Sometimes I wonder at the level some men put themselves in the society. Where were some of you brought up from, because in our Maa culture, it is a taboo to mention some of these things in public?

I take this opportunity to challenge those making similar wild claims regarding the persons of women to substantiate them with solid facts if they have enough evidence.

It is disgusting to hear some men talk ill of women and yet we have equally attained the same level of education or even more.

Some of us have university degrees and others have PhDs in different fields and yet some men still claim that we exchanged our bodies for jobs.

In which century are such men living in if not a display of backwardness among male chauvinists?

I can attest that today, in our county, the people with the best qualifications and less corrupt ideals are ladies.

It is unfortunate that while we have many qualified women, men are more preferred that us in the job market.

The few of us that are lucky to get jobs are looked by men with skewed eyes as if they owe them school fees.

To you, I mean you men, why don’t you stop taking the role of women in yapping and gossiping, it is not meant for you, and I close my case.
I know very well that after some men read this article, you will talk crap and vomit all the unprintable words about my person.

Lilian Ene Ole Sitau is women rights activists

in Kajiado county and her opinion as presented here

does not reflect that of KNU.



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