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MTTI Students Sent Home Over Riots Sparked by Food, As Principal Remains Mum

Masai Technical Training Institute in Kajiado has been closed down over riots allegedly caused by two groups of students fighting over food.

The fighting is said to have been sparked off when students sponsored by National Youth Service poured food on Monday which they claimed was “unfit for human consumption”.

In the process, one student from a group of 300 being sponsored by the county government was spotted taking the videos and was attacked and beaten senseless by the NYS students.

Students who spoke to us said tension grew throughout Monday night to Tuesday morning when the authorities failed to resolve the issue forcing the county executive committee member for education, Samuel Kanar, to intervene and immediately closed down the institution.

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Kanar said; “It is just a small issue that the administration failed to resolve that has forced us to close the college for one week so that the board of management can put their house in order. It is true one student who was taking videos of others pouring food was beaten. It is just a small misunderstanding which can be sorted out.”

He said the major reason the college was closed down is “insecurity” that had spread beyond the college compound.

“Students started throwing stones on moving vehicles along Namanga highway and we felt it is time to close down the college for a few days so the board can resolve outstanding issues raised by the students,” said the county education minister.

The students sponsored by NYS are said to have feared the video taken by their ‘opponent’ was going to be presented to the college administrators and thus they beat up their fellow student.

However, Kanar said the student was not wounded. “We have seen him and he is ok,” he added.

Efforts to seek further clarification from the college principal, Wesley Yegon, hit a snag when he failed to pick our calls.

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Yegon could not even reply to our message. The principal has on many occasions been on record blaming the media for “misreporting” issues about the college.

He once said the Star Newspaper is fond of making public internal issues of the college which do “not concern the public”.

Kanar said the students will be contacted and told the day the college will require them back.

Riot police surrounded the college for the better part of the day and ensured smooth exit for the students to leave the institution on Tuesday afternoon.



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