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11 Charged in Kajiado Court With Being in Possession of Arms, Intent to Commit a Felony

Eleven people arrested in Isinya on Sunday after police shootouts were arraigned in Kajiado court on Monday to answer charges of attempting to commit a felony.

Eleven charged in Kajiado court on July 2 to answer charges of being in possession of assorted weapons with intent to commit a felony.

The eleven, who were arrested after one of them was gunned down in the morning of Sunday, appeared before senior resident magistrate Susan Shitubi but denied all the charges.

Prosecution details before court indicates the suspects were arrested while preparing to commit a felony as they were in possession of 35kgs of bhang, Rizal paper roll (used for rolling bhang), and three knifes and homemade gun.

“They were arrested in circumstances the police believe it indicated they were with intent to commit a felony namely robbery with violence”, the charge sheet read.

Defence lawyer appealed to the court to consider the fact that some of the accused were minors and students in various schools.

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Shitubi ordered the accused to deposit in court letters of admission from their various schools, letters from employers for those who are in employment and each to produce a bond of Sh100, 000.

One minor among the accused was ordered by the magistrate to be detained at Kajiado police station as bond documents are processed by his family members.

Shitubi said the case before the court is serious in nature, and therefore those who cannot raise required bond will be detained at Kajiado GK Prison until July 16 when the case will come up before her.

Relatives of the accused claimed the 11, along with the shot victim and others who escape after the shootout were travelling to Bissil town for a birth day party of one of their friend.

It is claimed they hired a matatu from Kiserian town and left late on Saturday night but were confronted by police at 1am on Sunday.



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