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Meto Marks Milestone in Launching Integrity Medical Health

Governor Joseph Lenku recently officiated in the launching of integrity medical health and dental care centre in Meto area of Matapato South Ward, Writes Obegi Malack.

From left is county Health Minister Esther Somoire, Gnr. Joseph Lenku, Bishop Moses Ngusa and MCA Hosea Toshi.

The launch of Level II hospital in the far-flung ward marked yet another milestone in governor Lenku’s strife to take such facilities closer to the people.

Dr. Allan Hicks, President of international worldwide, with his delegation were some of the guests during the colourful ceremony attended by hundreds of members of the local community.

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Some of the notable guests included Health CEC member Esther Somoire, area MCA Hosea Toshi and host Dr. Moses Meeli, who is also the brain child of the project.

Governor while giving his speech during the occasion said; “It is imperative to note that health care is the cornerstone of a society’s progress and development agenda and nothing can be so encouraging to register this kind of milestone in Kajiado because as the English say, a healthy nation is a wealthy nation”.

Lenku said the launching of the integrity medical health and dental centre brings about broad accessibility to medical services to the people of Kajiado and immense contribution to the President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Big Four Agenda.

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Meeli appreciated the governor’s presence and the high profile team from IWW together with that of the MCA and other county government officials.

He said the governor has aspirations and commitment to the establish an elaborate
framework of collaboration between his office and the Integrity Worldwide Medical Centre in going forward and ensuring that the facility becomes of great utility to the people.

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“We cannot forget to mention governor’s plea to the county health department to optimize on their annual budget to create a sustainable impact on the community and to implement this kind of model in other parts of the county,” said Meeli.

Lenku said he was surprised and elated by the fact that in spite of the little resources and finances at the disposal of the hospital’s proprietors.

He said they were able to build a modern health facility, adding; “That was an eye opener for us to make a difference. We only need to be ordinary people with extra ordinary passion,
determination and focus. I promise to support this project wholeheartedly”.

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Toshi appreciated the initiative bearing in mind that, the people of Meto and Kajiado, by extension have for long grappled with limited access to healthcare and acknowledged the big relief the project will bring to his people.

“I will rally the assembly to support this project by making sure it grows and becomes sustainable,” said Toshi.




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