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Lenku Seeks Heavenly Intervention to Deliver on His Leadership Agenda

Governor Joseph Lenku today on Sunday electrified Church goers when he said he is there to present his leadership ‘burden’ before God.

Governor Joseph Lenku today July 1 in Kajiado Church.

Lenku, who had been given a few minutes to greet the congregation at Redemption Church, woke up and greeted them before wearing a wide smile and said, “Leaders are not immune to problems.”

The Church in Kajiado first went into silence, and then on deciphering what their leader said, it burst in to ecstasy as Lenku explained that it is the burden of leadership that drove him to seek heavenly intervention so he can lead his people to prosperity.

“The interests of the people are in my heart and that is why we, as leaders, also come to Church to bring our burdens to the Lord,” quipped the governor without batting an eye.

Leaders in Church today Sunday July 1.

While at the podium, the governor took the holly chance given by the Church to cal on residents of the region to pray for the political and administrative leadership of the county.

He said as they continue to map out and steer development plans that are ultimately meant to benefit the people, they should focus their energies too to seek heavenly glory.

The governor urged the congregants to rally their support behind their leaders since they have bestowed upon themselves the enormous responsibility of selfless service to ensure their interests are well taken care of.

He reiterated his commitment towards actualizing his campaign agenda in line with the work his administration has already started in all spheres of operation.

His deputy, Martin Moshisho, expressed his satisfaction with the way development initiatives were shaping up in the county, adding that the campaign pledges made by the governor are being realized progressively.

Moshisho assured residents the government is working tirelessly to actualize the development agenda.

The congregation.

County assembly Speaker, Johnson Osoi, who was also present lauded the servitude of the current county government adding that the cordial relationship between the assembly and the executive arm of the government has borne the enactment of laws and policies that are beneficial to the livelihood of the people of Kajiado.

He assured the governor of unconditional support in development oriented initiatives in line with the county assembly’s role of oversight and legislation.

MCAs, county ministers and the clergy from other Churches were among other leaders who attended the service.



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