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Black Sunday in Isinya as Police Gun Down One Man, Arrest Eleven Others

One person was shot dead in Isinya town on Sunday after a Rongao Sacco Matatu he was traveling in overrun a police roadblock.

The driver of this matatu and his three passengers escaped after police shot one man dead and arresting 11 others in Isinya on Sunday morning July 1.

Latest information reaching us now say police have just recovered 5kg of raw bhang, 35 rolls of cannabis sativa, one roll of Rizla paper (for rolling dry bhang) and five bottles of brandy alcohol from the arrested suspects and in the vehicle.

Earlier the olice said the ill-fated PSV vehicle registration number KAP 643 P, marked Rongao Sacco was travelling in the direction of Kajiado town when its driver sped off after it was flagged down.

Isinya OCPD, Henry Ibutu, said officers manning a security road block outside the town flagged down the ‘suspiciously’ driven vehicle but before stopping, it took off.

“It was at 1am, when all these happened and immediately it left, my officers gave it a chase in a police patrol car but a few kilometers before approaching Umma University Campus, the driver made a U-turn and drove back to Isinya again,” said Ibutu.

He said when the matatu approached the road block again police officers manning it placed metal spikes on the road.

The ill-fated matatu at Isinya Police Station.

“The driver failed to stop and my officers kept chasing the matatu that had flat tyres. When it approached the town, the driver of the vehicle and three other people escaped leaving 11 passengers in the car,” he said.

Kajiado County Commissioner, David Kipkemei, said police opened fire when suspicious people started running away from the vehicle and that is when one man was killed.

Kipkemei said several knives and a home-made gun was recovered from the vehicle after 11 people inside were arrested and detained at Isinya police station.

“I have issued a stern order to the officers manning road blocks especially in Isinya to be vigilant after we have had a spate of theft involving goats and sheep in the recent past, and therefore my officers acted in order in attempting to stop the car,” said Kipkemei.

He said the 11 will be arraigned in court on Monday, June 2 to answer charges that the police will prefer on them.

Kipkemei said he has also instructed Kajiado DCIO, Daniel Ndambuki, to carry out thorough investigations on exactly what happened before one person was killed and establish the intention of the people in the detained vehicle.

One person was shot dead from this vehicle in Isinya.

The vehicle that has since been moved to Isinya police station has flat tyres all round and police claimed they also recovered alcoholic drinks along with weapons.

Relatives of those detained at Isinya police station told the Star on phone that the officers have framed up reasons of their ‘heinous killing act’.

“Those young men were going to perform music in Bissil town at night, near Namanga town and police in Isinya started trailing them. They decided to go back and report the matter at the police but the officers opened fire killing one of them before they did that,” said a man who refused to identify himself.



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