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Kajiado Legislator Seneta Worried of Rising Alien Population in Kajiado, Cites Insecurity

Kajiado lagislator, Mary Seneta today raised concern over the alleged increase in cattle rustling in Isinya, Kitengela, Masimba and Emali.

Mary Seneta concerned over heightened insecurity.

Seneta was reacting immediately after five people were attacked and seriously wounded after they were apprehended transporting livestock at night in Kitengela on Wednesday.

She said what transpired in Kitengela on Wednesday night is not pleasant but again wondered who authorized transportation of livestock between Namanga border town through Isinya and eventually Kitengela against the law.


The legislator said she attended a county commissioner’s security meeting in Isinya on Wednesday and much was talked about including transportation of charcoal and livestock theft that has affected farmers in Kajiado East constituency.

“We appealed to farmers to also fence off their farmers and ensure those who they employ to take care of their livestock are properly vetted,” said Seneta in Kitengela on Thursday morning.

“We are concerned that many foreigners from Tanzania and Congo have found their way to Kitengela and other urban areas and some of them are employed in farms in rural areas. Their identities should be properly checked before being employed as farmhands,” said Seneta.

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She said there also Nigerians living in urban centres of Kajiado and asked the police to check their activities and what they do for a living.

While still on security, Seneta appealed to authorities to streamline services at the county’s slaughter houses, adding that some of the stolen livestock end there.

“Those slaughter houses operating in the middle of the night should be checked because we suspect that some of the stolen livestock could pending there,” she finally said.



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