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High Court Quashes Mario’s Nomination, Orders Fresh Selection

A high court sitting in Kajiado on Thursday annulled the nomination of Sandra Mario of ODM, saying due process was not followed by the party in picking her.

 Mario’s nomination was rejected by High Court today.

Justice Reuben Nyakundi turned down the ruling of a lower court that was presided in April by Resident Magistrate Margaret Kasera that gave Sandra a win.

In his ruling Nyakundi poked holes in the process used by those who had been given the mandate to do so, saying it was marred with malpractices.

Nyakundi ordered a fresh nomination for the position that had been sought by Elizabeth Jebet.

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“While reviewing this case after the lower court had upheld Mario’s nomination four Months ago, I find that party nomination rules in nominating the appellant (Mario), were not adhered to,” said Nyakundi.

The ruling, naturally, puts to an end any other effort by Mario to appeal again against the case.

This now puts ODM’s nominating organ to reorganize its house and present another candidate for the empty slot.

Technically, Kajiado Central MP Memusi Kanchory being the senior most ODM party leader in the county has the power to present another candidate for nomination after former governor David Nkedianye and politician Joseph ole Simel trooped to Jubilee.

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Another person who also had power to nominate a candidate in ODM is the former party chairman in the county, Daniel Osoi, who has since also trooped to Jubilee.

Some of the most likely candidates who might be picked for that vacant slot are; Kajiado Central Constituency chairman, John Loisa, the petitioner Jebet, Jacinta Lepaiton and Nkamunu Patita.

All the above have been diehard supporters of ODM, and most recently Loisa hosted party leader, Raila Odinga at his home recently after the latter had a golden handshake with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

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But the slot is most likely to be given to a woman for reasons of gender balancing in the assembly, depending on what interest Mario had been nominated for.



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