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Five People Wounded in Kitengela after Attack on Livestock Transporters

Five people, including a truck driver were admitted in Kitengela hospital on Thursday in critical condition after they were attacked up by vigilante group.

The truck facing camera KBH 178 M was also arrested by members of public carrying charcoal on Wednesday night.

The five were apprehended on the Namanga/Athi River road near Acacia road turnoff near Kitengela carrying 400 goats and sheep at 10pm on Wednesday night.

Members of the vigilante team, formed mainly from various groups in Kaputiei North Ward for purposes of controlling escalating rustling, are said to be irked by the driver of the truck when he refused to stop when flagged down.

After the truck was eventually stopped at the turnoff of Acacia, the group descended on all the five occupants after they refused to explain where they were coming from with the livestock.

As the occupants of the truck were beaten, behind them at Ilade Petrol Station, on the same route two more trucks were apprehended carrying charcoal and sheep and when the drivers were challenged to produced documents on Wednesday night, what they produced indicated had been stamped for clearance on June 28.

The vigilante also became suspicious about the documents and called the police, but on arrival to the scene the officers negotiated the release of the trucks but members of public stood firm and disallowed their movement.

County Commissioner David Kipkemei pose for a photo with his security team at Multipurpose Isinya on Wednesday June 27.

Transporting of livestock in Kajiado at night is illegal according to County Commissioner David Kipkemei, who confirmed the incident and immediately ordered the arrest of one police inspector alleged to have been identified as having escorted the truck and two others carrying charcoal and sheep, respectfully.

Kipkemei said he cannot shoulder alone the deteriorating security caused by officers supposed to be maintaining law and order.


“As we speak now, I have already ordered the arrest of the Inspector of Police who is said to have signed off a government vehicle and used it to escort illegal charcoal and livestock from Namanga,” said the commissioner.

Kipkemei said members of public apprehended two other trucks at 10pm on Wednesday night near Ilade Petrol Station, along the Namanga Road carrying sheep and charcoal.

This truck KBQ 829 A was apprehended on Wednesday night at 10 at Ilade Petrol Station along Kitengela/Isinya road carrying sheep and goats.

“We have ordered them to be moved to Kitengela police station so as to allow investigations. Burning, transporting charcoal in Kajiado has been banned. We do not also allow transportation or any kind of movement of livestock at night in this county for reasons bordering on security,” said Kipkemei.

Isinya OCPD Henry Ibutu said although the three trucks were apprehended in his jurisdiction, he had no idea of the movement of the livestock and outlawed charcoal because the only police is in Kitengela town.

When pressed further to explain how the three trucks passed through a weighbridge at night at Isinya, Ibutu said he had not been briefed by his officers.

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The weighbridge in Isinya town is also manned around the clock by regular and administration police officers along with officers from the county government.

Ibutu denied any knowledge of having any information that the three trucks were escorted by a police officer of an Inspector rank.

It is not clear if the said officer, who is alleged to have escorted the trucks from Namanga, was from Kajiado town of Isinya.

The road between Namanga border traverses across two police divisions under Isinya and Kajiado Central, and spotlight is now targeted between two OCPDs.

The incident occurred only a few hours after Commissioner Kipkemei held a long meeting with security officers from Isinya on Wednesday afternoon when the issues of charcoal and rustling were discussed widely at Isinya Multipurpose Training Centre.

Kipkemei had warned that any officer found to have aided illegal transportation of charcoal would face disciplinary action.


He also raised a red flag on the officers when he claimed livestock theft in Korrompoi and Olturoto areas of Kaputiei North is alarming.

In the last four weeks, some 80 Dorper sheep were alleged to have been stolen in Korrompoi and Olturoto areas which are said to have administration police camps.

Kajiado county director of medical services Dr. Ezekiel Kapkoni and Kitengela Sub County Hospital Medical officer of Health, Cathy Chemas confirmed that they had received five persons at the facility with ‘serious’ injuries.


The two, as at around 10am on Thursday, were contemplating to transfer the injured to Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi.

Isinya OCPD, Ibutu, had earlier said the injured suffered deep panga cuts on their bodies.

“That was very brutal on the side of the vigilante. They should not have take law unto their hands. We took those injured to hospital in bad condition as all of them were unconscious,” said Ibutu.



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