Competition As Rustlers, Big Cats Cause Nightmares to Kajiado Farmers

Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

Two suspected rustlers were arrested by members of public in Olturoto on Monday night and handed over authorities in renewed crackdown on thugs, Writes Alex Sautet.

Lions attack sheep in Birrika on August 28, 2017

This happened as livestock farmers in Kajiado East report rising cases of big cats attacking their livestock.

Three cows were Killed on Sunday night as three others were maimed by lions in Emakoko area of Sholinke Ward near Kitengela when a home belonging to Anna Tipatet was attacked.

In Olturoto those arrested were suspected to be members of a gang that has been terrorizing residents in the area for the last four weeks.

According to eye witnesses, the two were apprehended by a vigilante group as they attempted to break into a homestead at night.

They said following a wave of thuggery in the area over the past four weeks, local communities have lost colossal amounts of sheep to rustlers in Olturoto and Korrompoi areas combined.

Confirming the incident, area Chief Stephen Ntirrika said the apprehended suspects could be members of other gangs giving residents sleepless nights in Kaputiei North ward.

Olturoto and Korrompoi areas are in Kaputiei North Ward, and a total 80 sheep have disappeared, within a period of 4 weeks, without trace.

The chief said, at least, nine homes have been broken into and sheep stolen within the last three weeks while people are sleeping at night.

It is suspected that stolen sheep are sold to willing buyers in slaughter houses in the city and the neighbouring counties, for fear of being tracked by their owners.

A cost of one Dorper sheep cost between Sh8, 000 to Sh10, 000 after the last rains and most farmers are fattening them so as to sell to get money for fees for their children in secondary schools.

After the suspects were handed over to the authorities, area residents were divided over the action as some wanted them lynched.

Speaking to KNU on Tuesday, an irate farmer and resident of Olturoto, Stephen Kuyan, lamented saying he has little confidence with the Kenyan laws.

“We, as affected people, are not confident that those arrested will be punished accordingly to our satisfaction. We have suffered great loses through their actions,” said Kuyan.

Under Police Penal Code such offenders, if found guilty of the said offence, can serve a minimum term of 7 years.

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