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Activist Matampash Says Obama Remained Mute When Kenya Was Burning

Human rights activist Joel Matampash today presented his statement of interest to US Embassy over anticipated Barrack Obama’s visit to the country.

Author Joel Matampash.

The 700 plus worded statement, according to Matampash, was received early in the morning on Tuesday and it talks volumes in praises of US President Donald Trump for his quest in uniting world leaders.

Read Mtampash’s full statement below.

I take this opportunity to congratulate His Excellency the president of the United States of America for the tremendous strides he has registered in the recent past with respect to moulding and crafting a stable world order.

It is gratifying to note that the zeal and passion exhibited by president Donald Trump in actualizing the conventional supremacy of the USA as the first among equals in the international arena, he as positively and effectively brought together the presidents of South and North Korea who hitherto could not see eye to eye.

The president’s imprints have also been felt on the African continent particularly the East Africa region that for long time have grappled with the eyesore of South Sudan crisis. Nothing can demonstrate good leadership than this!

In the context of President Donald Trump’s contribution to peace building, fight against terrorism, promotion of freedom of expression, association, liberalism, and modicum of civilization, I am puzzled to note that the former president Barrack Obama of USA is destined to Kenya.

He is only coming to the country, months after the relatively famous handshake between the erstwhile protagonists in the last general election, after the dust has settled though optimistically.

It is imperative to note that Kenya went through a rough patch during the last general elections, and Obama, while he was the US President, kept quiet when Kenya was burning following grossly bungled elections which inordinately denied the people of Kenya the golden chance to exercise their sovereign power.

They were denied sovereign power, through which they could delegate by electing representatives of their choice, when Kenya experienced unfortunate deaths in the clamour for political rights.

Humanity was displaced in virtually every corner of the country due to political unrest, when there was ethnic profiling in Kenya.

Such profiling exemplified the infamous Jim Crow laws of the 19th Century in the USA when Americans were segregated and subjugated on the basis of race as the former US President kept mum.

When Kenya was bleeding from corruption and plunder of public resources, ostensibly to finance political campaigns against the law, former president Barrack Obama was silent.

It is noteworthy that the rate of youth unemployment in Kenya is soaring like bushfire as it stands at over 40 per cent.

This is against the backdrop of the fact that the Kenyan youth forms a critical demographic component, and when their hopes are dashed the nation is doomed!

All these happened because of corruption, bad governance, and no time did the former President, who has Kenyan roots, rose up to speak against those vices visited on Kenyans.

When Kenya was reeling from extra judicial killings perpetuated by the state for political
expediency in aiming to silence its critics, Obama remained blindfolded in the face of atrocities in Kenya.

Democrats and the general citizenry in the country, at the time, were fulminating against the excesses of the regime. People mysteriously got lost as families were thrown into anguish and untold suffering.

When the media was muzzled by the state for promoting the ideals of democracy and living to the highest calling of speaking and exposing injustice against humanity, America was quiet.

The media, at the time, was reawakening the consciousness of the Kenyan masses to the wanton adulteration of our constitutional order which manifested in total disregard of the supreme law, court orders and at worst abuse of fundamental human rights and Obama saw no evil.

When the electoral commission (IEBC) was on record having confessed that it cannot guarantee in the prevailing circumstances a credible, free, fair and verifiable election, Obama looked the other side.

That later led to the resignation of Commissioner Dr. Roselyn Akombe, and her resignation dealt a blow to the impartiality test and
confidence rating by Kenyans.

In conclusion over the years, the USA had maintained a distinctive and veritable reputation as the bastion of democracy which means that leading lights like the former president Barrack Obama should have been on the forefront championing for democracy.

Obama should have been speaking against actions that are prejudicial to democratic ideals anywhere in the world.

In view of the latest political happenings in Kenya, in relation to the context of what happened in the USA, it is my wish that Barrack Obama visit will cement the handshake, inform institutional strengthening on leadership and governance, economic revitalization, respect for human dignity, equitable distribution of resources, inclusivity and effective, functional electoral system that will guarantee free, fair and credible elections.

This is with particular focus to the dysfunctional IEBC secretariat that lacks integrity and unity of purpose.

It is my firm belief that the former President Barrack Obama will address himself to these
fundamental issues and make Kenya great again.


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