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What Is Nominated MCA Ngogoyo Up to Ahead of 2022 General Elections?

Nominated MCA, Onesmas Ngogoyo, is said to be aligning himself with inside and outside forces within Jubilee with intent of eyeing a senior elective seat.

Governor Joseph Lenku and Nominated MC Onesmas Ngogoyo.

It is also claimed that Kajiado North MP, Joseph Manje, is conspicuously absent in all governor Joseph Lenku’s developmental meetings in his constituency.

Several people closer to the MCA said on Monday Ngogoyo is now closer to Governor Joseph Lenku than before, and has started door to door campaigns for DP William Ruto in his Kajiado North Constituency.


“I am with him, as all supporters of Deputy President Ruto in Kajiado North are preparing themselves ahead of the next presidential election. This is a well organised move to make a change in how we are doing politics in this country,” said John Kiama, a businessman from Embulmbul near Ngong town.

Kiama said Ngogoyo has been spotted severally in all functions of governor Lenku, especially the recent ones in Ongata Rongai where they raised money for women groups in the area.

“Ngogoyo also accompanied Lenku to Ole Kasasi and met with voters and business people there. What we do not understand is the absence our MP Manje in all those meetings,” said Kiama.


Another ally of Ngogoyo claimed Manje has not been seen in national and county govern functions in Kajiado, and was particular about the recent Madaraka Day celebration that was attended by most elected leaders.

Asked whether Ngogoyo could be eyeing Manje’s seat in 2022, the two declined to give their comments and only directed us to talk with the MCA.

Manje campaigned for Ngogoyo in 2013 and even supported him financially as they together ran a vibrant campaign team for TNA at the time.

In 2017 elections, Ngogoyo lost his MCA seat which he was defending but was recommended for nomination in the Jubilee ticket to represent the youth in the county assembly by Lenku.

When we reached out for comment and sought to know his 2022 plan, he just said; “My friend, I do not want to talk about Manje and his stance as we move forward, but I certain sure that Lenku will get 85 per cent of votes in the next election from Kajiado North.”

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On being asked whether he will challenge Manje for the seat of MP, Ngogoyo was not committed but chose to only talk of his support for DP Ruto and Lenku.

“Manje is an entity of his own, and it will not be fair to judge his performance as MP. His voters will decide in the next election to follow him or elect another person. That is it, just ask me what we have in store for Ruto and Lenku, and Iwill comfortably tell you we are set,” said Ngogoyo on the phone.

He went on; “Just let the people watch these spaces because we are out to make a mark. Let them call us ‘watu wa kutangatanga, lakini watakuja kujua hawajui’ – (nomadic people, but they will come to know that they do not know).”

Ngogoyo, an outspoken supporter of Jubilee in Kajiado North, ran unqualified campaign Lenku and President Uhuru Kenyatta ahead of last election and forgot that he was also a candidate in Olkeri Ward.

Those close to him attest that the politician is still strong and can win back his seat if he is not headed for a higher position.


The Kajiado West MP, George Risa Sunkuyia, is said to be his political role model.

Sunkuyia, who served with Ngogoyo in the last county assembly, felled Moses Sakuda in last election.





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