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MCA Clash With DCC Over County Journalists’ ‘skewed’ Media Coverage

A provincial administrator on Saturday took a swipe on alleged negative media that gives prominence to FGM and early childhood marriage malpractices.

Mashuuru DCC said on June 16 he has information Kenyan Maasai girls are shipped to Tanzania for circumcision.

The Mashuuru Deputy County Commissioner, Stephen Nyakundi, while attending this year’s Day of the African Child fete attacked the media of highlighting ‘negative’ issues while keeping a ‘blind’ eye on successful stories about Kajiado.

“They are camera happy shooting at stories that portray negativity, and leaving successful stories such as improved farming, education and other positive developments,” said Nyakundi as hundreds of guests turned their eyes on the only KNU Chief Editor who was covering the children’s fete at Entaretoi Primary School in Kenyewa Poka Ward.

Responding to the DCC, almost immediately, the area MCA Henry Kimiti defended the Star Senior Reporter, Kurgat Marindany, from the attack telling the administrator he was directing his “missiles” to a wrong person.

KNU Chief Editor Kurgat Marindany was attacked by Mashuuru DCC Stephen Nyakundi in public.

“Without the media we cannot know about corruption and archaic traditional practices like rampant FGM and early child marriages in this county. Let the media do their work in highlighting the wrongs in our society,” said Kimiti.

The DCC, as if he had forgotten that a journalist was still in the function, made another revelation that Kajiado Maasai are now taking their young girls to Tanzania to be circumcised after the government put pressure on them.

After making the statement, he looked at the direction of the Star journalist for a second before stating that those found coming back from Tanzania will be taken for medical examination to determine if their genitals have been interfered with.

Kenyewa-Poka ACC Boniface Kirema watches drama unfold as DCC attacks media over alleged skewed coverage of issues in Kajiado.

“We shall arrest those found to have broken the law. The government is determined to wipe out FGM. We shall reign on those breaking the law and acting contrary to God creations,” said Nyakundi.

It was not immediately established why the DCC, who has always been the first to break news of floods, bad roads and human/wildlife conflicts to news people in the county, decided to attack those who he has been ‘feeding’ the news.

Kenyewa-Poka MCA Henry Kimiti defended the media from Stephen Nyakundi’s attack.

When the Star approached him to elaborate his remarks and attack on the members of the Fourth Estate, he only remarked; “Ni kweli mnafanya hivyo (True, you are doing that), you like negative stories.”



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