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Senator Mary to Lead This Year’s Day of African Child Fete in Entaratoi, Emali

Nominated Senator, Mary Seneta, has said everyone has responsibility in upholding rights of children through provision of basic and compulsory education.

Mary Seneta in a past event in Kajiado

Seneta, who spoke to KNU on Friday evening on the eve of this year’s Day of African Child, said the future of the county, and the country at large pegs its future entirely on the best practices in developing children to take on leadership after growing up.

The politician, who is set to preside over this year’s  in Entaratoi area of Emali on June 16 near Emali town, said mentorship of children and providing them with education is a responsibility of government and each individual.

The Day of the African Child is an annual event commemorated every June 16 globally.

Seneta said the day of the Africa child is borne of the fact that there is significant progress in improving girls’ access to education over the last two decades.

“Many girls, particularly the most marginalized, continue to be deprived of their basic right. However, girls in many countries are still unable to attend school and complete their education due to safety-related, financial, institutional and cultural barriers,” said Seneta.

Even when girls are in school, she said, perceived low returns from poor quality of education, low aspirations, or household chores and other responsibilities keep them from attending school or from achieving adequate learning outcomes.

The politician, who has been on the forefront in agitating for an end to injurious traditional archaic practices like female genital mutilation among young girls, said she is will not shy away from fighting injustices meted on children.

She will be joined, during the event by Mashuuru Deputy County Commissioner Stephen Nyakundi among other dignitaries.

It is estimated that 30 million of the world’s 57 million children out of school are in sub-Saharan Africa.

In the Millennium Development Goal and the Kenyan Vision 2030, it has been a hope that all children are in the school and learning, gaining knowledge and life skills, said Seneta.

The transformative potential for girls and societies promised through girls’ education is yet to be realized.

Since 1991, the day is commemorated to lobby for an enabling learning environment for the developing and growing children.

This day of the African Child, Seneta said, therefore provides an opportunity for the
stakeholders to encourage action to address the issues that affect children at the regional, national and local levels.

The legislator said the annual event event provides an opportunity to the people to think through efforts and successes in child protection in the country.

Legal and policy frameworks in child protection and education should also be taken seriously during formulation of laws.

In child mentorship, Seneta said, their rights awareness creation among learners and the community at large is a noble venture.

She said sensitization on impediments to girls’ education e.g. FGM, early marriages and reproductive health is important note in mentoring children.




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