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Commissioner Orders Closure of Bars, Kiosks near Public Schools in Kajiado

Kajiado County Commissioner David Kipkemei has ordered closure of all bars in the region that operate inside 300 metres from public schools.

Kajiado County Commissioner David Kipkemei in his office.

The order takes effect immediately and assistant county commissioners have been directed to oversee the closure of all the bars that fall within 300 metres from public schools.

Talking to Kajiado News Updates, one day after meeting with all the deputy county commissioners, ACCs, chiefs and their assistants, Kipkemei said those refusing to adhere to his directive will find themselves on the wrong side of the law.

“We are not asking the businessmen to relocate but, I have ordered them to do so with immediate effect.

The CC equally ordered all the kiosks operating around public school compounds to close shop immediately. He gave owners of such kiosk up to Friday to remove their wares before they demolished by the authorities this coming weekend.

The commissioner issued the new rule on kiosks only one day after Olooseos Girls Secondary School in Kiserian was abruptly closed by authorities following a strike by students who demanded to be allowed to put on braids, rollup sweater sleeves and more meat in their meals.

Kipkemei said he ordered the kiosk after he suspected that most of them sell drugs to students among other illicit stuff.

“I have given clear orders to my officers and I expect members of the public to cooperate with us in this cleanup exercise in a bid to help our daughters and boys in schools,” said the CC.

Kipkemei also reiterated his call to chiefs and ACCs to end female genital mutilation and early childhood marriages among girls across the county.

Girls sent packing after riots.

“I will not relent on this fight even if it means sacking all the officers charged with the responsibility of ending such injurious and archaic traditions that have no value to modern generations,” said Kipkemei.

Commenting on the ongoing charcoal burning in the county, the CC put the Bissil Division assistant county commissioner on the spot for sleeping on the job.

“If the area ACC is not going to style up and put to an end charcoal burning in his area, he will go home before the chief serving under him for failing to supervise his division and put to an end illegal logging of trees,” said Kipkemei.

Kipkemei also said he has put up a surveillance team to monitor police officers on road blocks who allow charcoal traders to ferry their illegal stuff from Eselenkei and Maparasha areas of Kajiado Central.



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