Woman Claims She Suffered Facial, Private Part Injuries In Hands of School Director

Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

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A woman who alleged to have been assaulted by a school director in Kitengela on Saturday on Wednesday said she suffered facial and private part injuries, writes Lilian Minayo.

Njoki Wachuru one day before she was allegedly attacked by Kitengela Girls director John Kihoro.

Njoki Wachuru, whose tribulations went viral on social media on Monday and Sunday after claiming she was assaulted Kitengela Girls Secondary School director on Saturday, said she suffered a ‘big cut’ on her private part and on the face.

It is after she presented her P3 Form to Kitengela police that the director of the school, John Kahoro and another suspected teacher were arraigned in Kajiado court on Tuesday afternoon to answer assault charges on the woman.

Both of them denied the charge and were released on a Sh50, 000 cash bail pending a full hearing of their case later.

Kitengela Girls Secondary School Director John Kahoro was accused of vthe attack. He was arraigned in Kajiado court on June 12 on assault charge.

The police had earlier indicated that Wachuru would be investigated for causing a scene at the school with intent to put the institution in to disrepute, but after presenting her P3 Form to the police, Kahoro and another teacher were arrested and immediately rushed to court.

Wachuru contradicted Kahoro’s version of the story that she created a scene at the school adding that it is actually the administration that had invited her after her daughter’s health condition deteriorated.

“Earlier in the day on that Saturday, I had sent my elder daughter to attend the school’s open day for the students with instructions to investigate her younger daughter in Form 2, whose habit had become questionable at home,” said Wachuru.

She went on; “As parents, we were concerned that our daughter was making several calls to them and they wondered who had given her a phone and the rules in the school prohibits students from keeping cell phones.”

Njoki Kibisu shows her bloody face in a post on social media on June 10.

Wachuru said that while she was away in Nairobi, she received a call from the school’s principal, a Mrs. Njenga, who wanted her at the school immediately.

“When I arrived at the school, I found my elder daughter outside the gate. I went in to the school and after meeting with the principal, I wondered loudly what could have happened to my daughter in Form Two,” she said.

The woman said that before the principal could answer her, Kahoro allegedly jumped out of his office and shouted at her saying he is offended by the way she was speaking and making allegations.

“He said I was making wild claims that the school had murdered my child. She pulled my hair from the rear and gave me two blows that landed on my eye. While I was still struggling to understand what had actually gone wrong, he hit me with his right knee on my private part. Bloods started oozing out from my face and the other side,” said Wachuru.

She claimed Kahoro, while holding to her hair hit her severally on her private parts until her sick daughter attempted to hit him when she was hit on the face by the same man with a folded feast.

Kahoro had claimed the woman had hit her face on the smaller gate adjacent to the main entry.

“I am a woman, and I love my face, how can I damage my face by hitting on metals because of little issues. What I want is justice to prevail,” said Wachuru.

She gave her story on phone from her home Nairobi’s Embakasi Estate.

“We left my P3 Form with the Kitengela police. I could not attend to the court matter in Kajiado on Tuesday because I am still bleeding and I cannot use public means in that condition,” said Wachuru, who also denied she was tipsy on that fateful Saturday.

Kitengela Girls Secondary School on June 11.

Wachuru said she was advised by an administration police officer from a chief’s office near the school to report the assault case to the police.

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