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Makueni, Machakos, Kajiado Counties On Way To Forming Sand League Region

Three counties of Machakos, Makueni and Kajiado are set form a regional block to spearhead and regulate sale and harvesting of sand.

Chairman of task force, Daniel Osoi

They will also spearhead matters to do with environment and natural resources management and put up prices for sand expected to be exported to other counties in Nairobi and Kiambu.

Kajiado county sustainable natural resources management task force chairman, Daniel Osoi, made the revelation on Wednesday in Kitengela town that arrangements are at advanced stage for the three counties to form a sand harvesting block.

Osoi said the multi billion sand resources being mined in the region is set to transform the block in terms of infrastructure in road networks from one region to the other.

He said sand harvesting and charcoal burning have become a shared problem between the three counties adding that it is high time they shared policies and  enforcement mechanisms  to mitigate the effects of environmental degradation and climate change are instituted.

At the same time Osoi told County Press that a county natural resource management authority is set to be established in Kajiado.

He said the envisaged management authority will have the mandate to oversee cross cutting issues that pertain environmental and natural resources.

Osoi revealed that the Independent body will begin its operations in the shortest time possible once all the necessary legal provisions have been met.

He said the concept to have the body in place had the full backing of the members of county assembly who have been key stakeholders during public participation forums held by the taskforce within the county.

Sand harvesting/Photo Business Today

Osoi said the authority will have a sustainable revenue generation capacity with the bulk of the proceeds set to benefit the local community.

“Fifty five per cent of the revenue generated from sand harvesting will be utilized by the local community in form of bursaries and community development initiatives,” said Osoi.

He added that the neighboring Makueni county has provided best practices and policies which have seen them make major steps in successfully combating cartels in the sand harvesting and charcoal burning industries.

“Once the authority is instituted, sand harvesters will have to sell their sand from county sale yards and not by the road sides as has been currently,” he said.

Osoi added that this will boost total revenue collected from sand harvesting which had previously been lost through illegal dealings at the collection points as well as in the hands of cartels.

“The amount of revenue currently being collected from sand harvesting is not even 50 per cent of the potential of revenue collection in this industry.  I am sure we can do better,” he remarked.



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