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Olooseos Girls Secondary School’s Second Term Snipped Over Student Unrest

Panic gripped Olooseos Girls Secondary parents in Kajiado after more than 270 students stormed out of the school on Monday night and vanished in the dark.

Principal Frida Maritim shocked by students’ behaviour.

 The girls are alleged to have planned a strike against their new principal Farida Maritim for allegedly denying them their request to put on hair braids, short skirts and rolled up sweater sleeves.

 They are also demanding more meat in their meals to be provided three times a week instead once a week. They are served meat on Saturdays.

 The students, who are mainly from Form Three and Four, are said to have hatched the plan to break out of the school on Monday night at midnight after burning the administration block but watchmen took care of all the key establishments.

Kajiado West MP George Sunkuyia talks to parents at Olooseos Girls Secondary School.

At around midnight on Monday 272 students ran over the school’s fence and disappeared in to the darkness and the principal, who had earlier warned that her term in the school had come to an end, called the police for security beef up from Kiserian.

“It was really chaotic and I thank God that there were no damages caused by the students. They only broke the fence and walked away,” said a physically worried principal who took over at the helm at the beginning of second term.

Maritim said most of the girls who left the school at night were arrested by police in Kiserian town and Birrika shopping centre in the nigh of Monday.

“They are all here and we have decided that they go for half term recess earlier by three days because most of them have become ungovernable. I need to talk to each individual parent and really understand how best we can mentor these young girls. It is about their lives, not teachers or Maritim,” she said.

Confused parents after school was closed prematurely for half term.

While addressing parents at the school on Tuesday, Maritim publicly asked for forgiveness for attempting to mentor their children in the right manner.

Earlier, the school’s board of management members met with the students and the principal in a meeting attended by Kajiado West MP, George Sunkuyia, and teachers.

During the meeting, which closed out the parents, Form Three students demanded that they will only be comfortable if all the teachers are ejected from the meeting.

Girls sent packing after riots.

They told the BOM members that they are rejecting their new principal because she has no regard for their deputy principal and the school’s prefect.

The students further told the BoM members that the principal had threatened to cut down their food ratio so as to discipline them so they can work harder.

Sunkuyia dismissed the students’ demands before the parents later at the school and warned that any parent supporting hooliganism at the institution, either teaching staff, parents and students, will be shown the door.

Parents wait for verdict as BoM members meet with students.

“What are we breeding here, if they are not criminals? I have never heard of those demands before, and I am warning any parents involved in this new stupid adventure to pack off with their children and leave us alone. Maritim is not going anywhere,” said Sunkuyia.

The MP said police have been provided with more information on the suspects who have been adversely been mentioned as exciters in the case.

“We are aware of some of the inciters who are profiling teachers in the school. We have told the police not to spare anyone, any teacher, student or parent out to demean the principal because of where she comes from,” said the MP.

Tension in school after girls broke out at night and fled in protest.

At the close of business all the students who had left the school had been accounted for.

Students from Form One and Two claimed they have been threatened by their seniors against mentioning who was involved in organising the strike.

Some of the Form Two students claimed a Form Three student leader had planned to burn the school’s administration block on Monday night.



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