Kitengela School Director Speaks after Weekend of Parent’s Bloody Drama

Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

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A woman who caused a scene at Kitengela Girls Secondary School on Saturday and later accused its director of assault is under police investigations.

Kitengela Girls Secondary School on June 11.

The woman, Njoki Kibisu, went to the school on Saturday in the evening and started banging the school’s gate and demanding to take away her daughter because the institution was ‘killing’ her.

“I want my daughter alive or dead and if you do not open this gate, I will create a scene and post everything on the internet. You never know who you are dealing with until your bad manners is posted in the social media,” said Kibisu after the school watchman insisted she identifies herself.

On Monday, Kitengela OCS Ehpantus Mburu said the matter is under investigations. “I am personally following this matter and our finding is a matter of public interest,” he said.

The school’s director, John Kihoro, told journalists that it took the effort of the local chief and other local elders to calm the woman after she hit her face on the gate thus injuring herself on the right side of her eye.

Kitengela Girls Secondary School Director John Kahoro at his office on June 11.

“The drama did not start with Mrs. Kibisu but another woman who came calling earlier in the day and claiming she had come to visit another student. We later realised the woman, Esther Wanjiko, to have been drunk,” said Kihoro.

Kihoro said Wanjiko had claimed she had gone to see her sister in the name of Anna Nyambura in Form 3 at around 6pm on Saturday but appearing to be ‘drunk’ she was denied entry.

“After we thought she had left the school vicinity, she came back and demanded that she had also been sent by her sister, Mrs. Kibisu, to take her daughter in the same school home,” said Kihoro.

After she was told to keep off the school, Wanjiko is said to have made several calls and later said Kibisu was on her way coming to pick her daughter, Tiophila Kibusu, in Form 2.

The school said before the woman had arrived, her daughter sneaked from the school and ran through the gate before hiding in a nearby Safaricom Kiosk outside the school.

Njoki Kibisu shows her bloody face in a post on social media on June 10.

Teachers, watchman and the matron of the school followed her to where she was but she clung on to the metal rails at the shop.

“We managed to bring her back to the school but on being questioned, the student refused to speak. She appeared obsessed with something. This is when I called the police, but my several attempts failed and therefore called the area chief,” said Kihoro.

The school’s director said Kibisu injured herself and threatened to post her injured face on the social media for the world to see.

On Sunday, Kibisu posted a bloody faced photo of her face on the Kilimani Mums and Dads face book page and accused Kihoro of ‘severely beating’ her as she attempted to get access to her sick child.

The school authorities said they could not release her daughter without the presence of the police and so they decided to go to Kitengela Police Station on Saturday night where the woman was handed her daughter.

“We have managed this school for the last 20 years and we have never seen what we saw on Saturday. I have decided to tell the whole world the truth of what transpired and shame the devil. That woman put my students to a great risk because after she started screaming idlers started baying for the blood of our teachers,” said Kihoro on Monday.

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