School Named Ole Lenku Township Primary As It Moves to New Grounds

Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

Kaputiei North MCA Joshua Olowuasa on Friday led other local leaders, parents, and their pupils from Isinya Township Primary School in celebrating newly acquired land.

Kaputiei North MCA Joshua Olowuasa at Isinya Multipurpose Training Centre on June 8.

The school, at the same time has also acquired a new name; Ole Lenku Isinya Township Primary given with hopes that it will rub out past miseries children underwent for close to a decade.

The school’s reputation hit the headlines in local and national news for all the wrong reasons early in the year.

That has now changed drastically in the last couple of days because of its newly acquired status with teachers saying they are now shading off shame to give way to fame.

Smiling pupils in attempt to erase their past miseries in their former school.

The school’s history, though not long, reads like fiction as pupils say they withstood years of human ‘scuds’ and ‘missiles’ that flew over their heads in times of plenty.

In Kenyan slums, toilets are not really matters of concern as dwellers prefer to please themselves by throwing away their excreta in the air without minding where they land.

Isinya Township Primary School, which was started in the late 2000 in the middle of Majengo slums estate to cater for children whose parents work in the private flower sector firms around the town, had remained an eye sore for years.

Isinya Township Primary School headteacher Duncan Siloma and Tom Onchari on June 8.

Established on 0.8 acre plot of 50’ X 100’ in Majengo slums, the school’s population grew up to more than 800 pupils.

By the beginning of this year, Kajiado News Update revealed a messy situation at the school and brought to limelight the troubles teachers and their pupils undergo through in sharing amenities like toilets and classrooms that were almost bursting with pressure.

On Friday, parents and their school-going children along with teachers led by the new school’s headmaster Duncan Siloma had all the reasons to smile when Multipurpose Training Centre Principal Tom Onchari handed them 5 acres of land from his institution on request from Olowuasa and Governor Joseph Lenku.

Parents listen attentively to their leaders at Isinya on June 8.

Parents’ faces and those of teachers glowed with joy as Pastor Christopher Kosencha assisted by another man of clothe, Pastor John Ng’ang’a blessed the new grounds with anointed oil.

Immediately after that, MCA Olowuasa came with a suggestion to give the school a new name to cleanse its past.

Olowuasa’s suggestion to give the school a new name received an overwhelming support from teachers, parents and pupils.

Pastors John Ng’ang’a and Christopher Kosencha blessed the new grounds on June 8.

The MCA proposed it to be named Ole Lenku Isinya Township Primary, and the air was hit by thunderous applause from the parents and teachers.

“We are pleased by these new developments in our ward, and we are now looking ahead to a day when our governor will officiate the ground-breaking for the construction of this new school,” said Olowuasa.

The politician urged the head teacher, Siloma to start registration of the new name in honour of Kajiado Governor Joseph Ole Lenku, who is said to have played a major role along with Olowuasa in acquiring the government land from Multipurpose Training Centre.

Pupils celebrate the acquirement of the new school ground on June 8.

The teachers led by their headmaster, Siloma pledged reciprocate the good work of their leaders by posting impressive grades when the school sits for its first Kenya Certificate of Primary Education.

The school board chairman, Erick Nandwa, praised the MCA for the great work he had initiated to change the lives of the people around Isinya.

The MCA said he is now negotiating funds for the construction of the new classes, administration block and houses for teachers in a few months to come.

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