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Kasaine attacks Assembly for Passing ‘Wrong” Bills That Glorify High Offices

Kasaine ole Meikoki.

Politician Kasaine ole Meikoki says it is tragic the assembly is priding itself for its first ever Bill that seeks to glorify holders of high offices.

Meikoki, in a statement he sent to our newsroom, said he is shocked that the members of the county assembly chose to rush to making laws that allows the governor, his deputy and the assembly speaker to fly official flag instead coming up with a Bill that would increase the county’s emergency kit.

The firebrand opposition activist said the on-going rains have caused havoc to county roads, and made it for the common residents to move by roads as their leaders prioritize issues in an awkward manner.

“We have seen in the past the deputy governor rushing to assist victims of fire tragedies with blankets and mattresses instead providing people with tangible financial assistance to help them build themselves shelter because of scarce resources,” said Meikoki.

He went on; “Instead of thinking how best to increase those kitties that benefit the citizen of the county, the MCAs are now busy trying to glorify their bosses and adding them more trappings of power that make no sense to the voters”.

“How does the term Honorable help and improve the common mwanainchi’s well being? I think it’s high time the electorate start taking stocks of their elected MCAs and demand for services and important bills that make sense to them,” Meikoki added.

Meikoki said the Bill was first brought to the county assembly in the last regime but was not given a priority because the competent MCAs at the time saw no sense in it.

“We now have a crop of bootlickers who will climb any heights to please their political masters at the expense of the taxpayer,” he said.

He said that many school going children are stuck in their villages a week after schools were opened because of bad roads and yet the leaders are mum about the issues that directly affect those who elected them.

“Will that new Bill expected to be assented in to law going take those stuck children to school? Let our leaders put their priorities in the right perspective, and not upside down. The business community is also stuck because the county government is over-taxing them through licenses that should have been harmonized,” said Meikoki,

The politician said poultry farmers are over-taxed more than hardware outlets in the region and yet the county government does not provide incentives to the toiling peasants and farmers.

“During the current rains, tomato farmers in Mashuuru lost millions of shillings after their produce rot in the farms because of impassable roads to the market. The county government ought to have thought of helping those farmers to mitigate loses,” said  he.






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