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Stop Incitement against Sinohydro Corporation over Recruitment, Politicians Warn

Three politicians today issued a ‘stern’ warning against a group of people alleged to be inciting others to act against a road construction company.

Kaputiei North MCA Joshua Olowuasa reading a leaders statement in Athi River town on May 6.

Kajiado West MP, George Sunkuyia, MCAs Moses Saoyo (Keek-Onyokie) and Joshua Olowuasa (Kaputiei North) in a signed statement said they are aware of two people from Isinya out to use innocent youth to drive their personal ‘interest and agenda’.

In the statement read out to journalists in Athi River town by Olowuasa, the leaders singled out two people who were rejected by Sinohydro Corporation Ltd, Kenya when they sought employment as the ones discrediting the company and accusing the politicians of interfering with recruitment.

“We want to distance ourselves from the accusations labeled onus that we are interfering with recruitment at the construction company. The two people we are talking about failed to get jobs because they did not qualify for the positions they sought,” said Olowuasa in the statement.

Olowuasa said elected leaders from Kajiado West and Kajiado East met one week ago and resolved that the company must employ 70 per cent of the local workforce and consider gender balance.

“As we speak, already Sinohydro Corporation which has been mandated to upgrade the Isinya/Kiserian Road has employed 11 local and 4 non-local plant and tipper operators with two of them being women,” said Olowuasa.

He said those who attended the meeting of leaders one week ago included Saoyo, Sunkuyia, several chiefs led by Keek-Onyokie senior chief Moses Semengur and his Kaputiei North counterpart Francis Mpaashe.

In the meeting Olowuasa said the leaders agreed that there is a need for the construction company to recruit two liaison officers from Kajiado East and Kajiado West.

The leaders, he said recommended Edward Leriro (East) and Edward Mopel (West) for the two vacant positions and were mandated by the leaders to ensure fair recruitment of people required by the company.

It was also resolved that sharing of jobs between Kajiado East and West should be at a ratio of 50:50.

He claimed that after the recruitment of the two, Isinya politician Moses Leir and another person he named as Enock Nasuke allegedly took to social media in a bid to discredit the leaders.

“Leir wanted a position of liaison officer but he was rejected on our recommendation that he is a politician and his position would have been easily compromised because of personal interests,” claimed Olowuasa.

For Nasuke, Olowuasa claimed he was rejected after he failed to qualify because he lacked a civil engineer’s certificate.

The politician claimed the two went out to claim the Chinese company recruited an ’outsider’ for the position of human resource manager but that the fact is, the person picked for  the is Miss Sylvia Kiok from Ngong, who is a Maasai.

We could not reach out for comment from Leir because his phone was switched off at the time of publishing this story.

Olowuasa warned those inciting the youth against the Chinese company, and added that those driving politics in to development issues should hold on until 2022, when fresh elections are called.



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