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Matuyia Assures Peshut’s PIC Position Is Safe, Says No More Changes

Minority Deputy Whip Paul Matuyia says big ‘headache’ was to replace former Minority Leader, and not Wiper members from key House Committees.

MCA Paul Matuyia is Deputy Minority Whip

Speaking to KNU, one day after we leaked a hatched plan by ODM to kick out Wiper MCAs from key House committee positions, Matuyia affirmed the party’s support for Imaroro MCA Amos Peshut.

Peshut is the chair of the House’s powerful Public Investment Committee that provides forensic checks and balances to the executive arm of the county government.

Matuyia said ODM has no plan to remove Peshut, adding; “The MCA is a vibrant member of the opposition in the House, and a more reliable leader we can bank on.”

The Kitengela Ward MCA issued the statement after residents of Imaroro petitioned Minority Leader, Francis Kaesha, against making attempts to remove their leader from the House leadership position.

Imaroro blogger and Kajiado political activist Letuati ole Umash warned Kaesha against scheming to ‘kill’ the opposition in the county assembly.

Umash promised that he will lead another political onslaught against Kaesha “if he does not leave Peshut” alone.

“Peshut is safe, and even the rest of Wiper MCAs are also safe. Our main headache was to remove Ildamat MCA, Samuel Teum, from minority leadership position, and which we did. That was a realignment arrangement of the party several months after realizing the MCA was a weakling in the House,” said Minority Deputy Whip.

Matuyia, however, said the opposition in the House under Kaesha’s leadership is planning to “see how some of those we have kicked out can get some leadership allowances”.

“You see, being a chair of a House committee one has a fatter salary. We want to see how we can fix others along with Teum so they can also get something,” said Matuyia.

The ODM leader in the House claimed Teum was forced into the leadership position by Kajiado Central MP, Kanchory Memusi, as his reward for the Ildamat votes.

“Kanchory is an MP and has no business in the county assembly. I am telling him to leave us alone. We do not want his dictation. It is us who know where the shoe pinches in our assembly. Kaesha fits that position well and no amount of pushing and nudging can change our resolve,” said Matuyia.

He claimed Teum, who has not been seen in the assembly for quite a while since his removal, was a weak and ‘not’ a team leader.

But as Matuyia was defending and asserting the position of ODM in the assembly other leaders from the party, who wish not to be quoted, claimed plan is still on to ‘frustrate’ Wiper MCAs.

“We support what Matuyia is telling the press, but he has not told you our elaborate plan that we have put in place so as to ensure that ODM reigns in the House,” said a nominated MCA on the phone.

We had reported that Mosiro MCA Peter Tirishe was being groomed to take over from Peshut in another coup de dat that will see ODM members get a big slice of the cake, in what insiders said is supported by Jubilee leadership in the house.

Another one being targeted by ODM is nominated MCA and member of agriculture committee, Susan Malit, who we said will be replaced by nominated MCA, Grace Munei.

Nominated Wiper MCA Grace Parantai, we reported was also said to be on her way out from the Water House committee and would be replaced by Munei too.

MCAs are allowed to be members of more than one committee and the latest ODM onslaught goes against the promise made by minority leader, Kaesha, soon after kicking out Ildamat MCA Samuel Teum and taking over his seat.




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