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Woman Causes Drama in Public Hospital over Claims of ‘Poor’ Services

A nurse was accused of harassment by a woman at Ngong County Hospital on Tuesday morning is on the spot after she took to social media to vent off  her anger.

Marion Wanjiku, who claimed the nurse on duty chased her out of examination room and forced her to leave her 9 year old injured daughter with him, said she could not leave her daughter alone to be attended by a strange.

Wanjiku further claimed that in the ensuing argument with the nurse, he instructed her to leave the examination room while using ‘sarcastic’ language.

But when made inquiries with the nurse, Felix Aguta, he claimed he never argued with Wanjiku or the four people in her company.

Marion Wanjiko.

“This is scandalous because I was with a clinical officer, Grace Irukan, who helped me dress up the young girl after applying normal saline to the burn,” said Aguta on the phone.

Wanjiku had claimed; “The nurse, who was alone, literally chased me out of the examination room saying he wanted space as he poured water on a burn on my daughter’s face. I told him I wouldn’t leave my daughter alone.”

She went on; “He shouted at my baby telling her to sit down as he poured water on the wound. He told me, you Nyakuyu sit outside or you leave the hospital all together. I interpreted Nyakuyu to mean Kikuyu, and that made me mad.”

Aguta said he is a devout Christian and a family man who would not wish to harm ‘somebody’s child’, adding that he is shocked that he had been ‘framed’ in what never happened.

“Let me put the picture clear. It is true that woman came with a burned child and we did our best to treat her. I was with another clinical officer who spoke to her. After we finished our job, the clinical officer requested her to pay Sh100 for the dressing and she refused,” said Aguta.

The nurse said the clinical asked for the money, but the woman insisted on being given a Pay Bill number. He said the woman accused the clinical officer of ‘non-cooperation’.

“I am shocked the whole saga has been turned on me,” said Aguta.

Health CEM Esther Somoire.

The woman, who is a teacher in one of the international schools in Nairobi, had claimed on the phone the nurse had formed an attitude after she woke him up in his examination room at 1. 30 Am.

She claimed that after she went to the examination room with the injured child, the nurse took his time before attending to her, and when he did, he allegedly poured cold water on her head.

“I was pissed up because I expected him to be gentle to my child. How could he pour water all over the child’s head and clothes and yet Ngong is very cold at that hour of the night,” claimed Wanjiku.

County Health Minister, Esther Somoire, said on Wednesday morning she was headed to Ngong to establish what caused the trouble.

“Let me not rush to conclusion because I have to reach there and talk to the hospital’s medical officer of health to be able to understand the whole thing. Either of the two could be wrong or right but service providers are supposed to be civil,” said Somoire.



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