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Humans, Wildlife ‘Unite’ in Rare Solidarity After Kimuka/Olasiti Road Turns In To Raging ‘River’

Humans and giraffes attempting to cross to Kimuka from Ngong on Wednesday stood together in rare solidarity for water to subside after a road turned into a raging river.

Stranded giraffes attempting to cross from Oloshoibor side of Ngong Hills are shocked to find the Kimuka/Oliasiti road turned in to a river on Wednesday evening.

All those stranded including the wild game, appeared to have been concerned only about crossing the Kimuka/Olasiti road that turned into a ‘river’ and wreaked havoc on the murram road.

The giraffes were not bothered by the presence of cars and humans, neither humans were also disturbed by their demeaning heights but all appeared to fix their eyes on the raging ‘river’.

What was seen in Kimuka in the evening gives a reflection of what is going on across the county as schools fail to open in time for second term.

A number of schools have not re-opened for the second term in the county owing to increased rains that have cut off roads, according to the education executive member Samuel Kanar.

Kimuka/Olasiti Road turned in to a raging river on Wednesday evening and kept humans, giraffes and trucks at bay for close to five hours in Kajiado West.

Kanar said on Wednesday night the most affected is Kajiado West sub county where hundreds of pupils at Kimuka, Oloishobor primary and Ilgarooji Secondary and Kimuka Girls  Secondary have not opened.

Kanar said more than 10 primary schools have not opened in Kajiado West, and that the situation may continue for another week before the rains subside.

Several schools, Kanar said, like Kamukuru in Ewuasu/Kidong, Kajiado West sub county have not reopened.

Former Kajiado West MP Moses Sakuda, who was kept waiting for close to five hours before a flooded water on a road subsided on Wednesday evening, said it will take time until schools reopen in Kimuka.

“The situation is terrible because in this area, seasonal rivers have become unpredictable. One can cross one in the morning but when you come back in the evening things have changed,” said Sakuda.

The county education CEC member said also affected are a ‘few’ schools in Mashuuru sub county where roads and bridges have either been swept away by floods or are impassable because of mud.

“We also have information that one or two schools have not reopened in Lenkisim and Oltiasika areas of Kajiado South sub county,” said Kanar.

Kajiado South deputy county commissioner Lawrence Kinyua said the rains ruined all the roads leading to Oltiasika and the area can only be accessed by air.

On the evening of Wednesday, hundreds of vehicles destined for Kimuka and Ewuaso from Ngong were stranded after a main road turned into a river.

Humans walking on foot, the motorists and a herd of giraffes wanting to cross from the Oloishobor side were forced to wait for close to five hours before the ‘river’ that developed on the Kimuka/Olasiti road subsided.

In Kajiado North Sub County, Kanar said Embulmbul and Kerarapon secondary schools have not opened including two primary schools in the area due to floods.

“We also have Ololua primary and secondary schools which have been affected by floods. There are also a few schools in the lower Matapato region in Kajiado Central sub County that have not reopened because of heavy rains,” said Kanar.



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