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Kajiado Politician Simel Endorses Governor Lenku’s 2022 Re-election

Governor Joseph Lenku’s unity drive continued to bear fruits after Kajiado West politician Joseph Ole Simel endorsed him on Saturday to vie again in 2022.

Joseph Simel now supports governor Joseph Lenku

Backed by an army of supporters numbering more than 3,000 at his Oltinka home in Keek-Onyokie Ward, Simel said he had joined Jubilee, and would support Lenku for a second term.

“Politics is over. I have joined #TeamLenku as we move on as a community because we do not want to miss focus as we unite our people,” said Simel.

He added; “We have consulted widely and made up our minds. Lenku is our man in 2022.”

Speaker, after speaker narrated how the 2017 elections had negatively divided and polarised the county with most of Simel’s supporters throwing their weight behind former governor David Nkedianye.

Politician Joseph Simel hosts gpovernor Joseph Lenku and other leaders at his Oltinka home in Kajiado West on April 28.

“I have never greeted Lenku with these hands because I was bitterly opposed to him. I was even waiting for 2022 to renew my political battle with him. But today, I am happy we have agreed to join him in developing Kajiado,” said Peter Koin, one of Nkedianye’s ardent supporter from Iloodokilani Ward.

All those who spoke in the well attended meeting were reconciliatory and appreciated that Lenku had considered some of their sons and daughters for top county jobs.

On his part, Lenku said he is keen on uniting all Maa speaking people to enable them bargain with the government.

“We are one people. This county belongs to all of us. I will ensure I serve all of you equally. I am glad you have all decided to support me and my government,” said the governor.

Simel’s endorsement is expected to have an impact in the county political terrain due to his immense grassroots network.

The endorsement of Lenku comes hot on heels of an earlier one by Kajiado East MP Peris Tobiko in Kenyewa/Poka Ward recently.

The MP announced she had dropped her 2022 gubernatorial bid in favour of Lenku because he (Lenku) had “started his term on the right footing”.

In the last parliamentary election, Simel was a force to reckon, and lost narrowly by garnering 17,112 votes against current MP George Sunkuyia’s 18,695 votes.



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