Support FGM Practitioners At Your Own Peril, Commissioner Kipkemei Warns Chiefs

Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

Chiefs found supporting female genital mutilation will be terminated from civil service, according to Kajiado county commissioner David Kipkemei.

County Commissioner David Kipkemei during the Ngatataek baraza on Wednesday.

Kipkemei, who spoke in Ngatataek trading centre in Kajiado Central Sub County on Wednesday, said his office his office has been frustrated by ‘wayward’ chiefs in the fight against FGM.

He was addressing a public baraza which was attended by members of public, senior security officials and all the chiefs and their assistants.

“The government has put a total ban on such injurious and archaic practices but the enemy is within and among you the chiefs and your assistants. You are colluding with circumcisers in support of these outdated practices,” said Kipkemei.

Chiefs attending County Commissioner David Kipkemei’s baraza in Ngatataek on Wednesday.

He said without the support of honest chiefs, Maasai girl child will continue to suffer from outdated practices that will never add value to a life of a child.

The commissioner said from now on, he will personally use informers to monitor activities of chiefs as regards the fight against FGM, and that those found to be aiding breakers of law will be relieved of their duties.

Speaking on early marriages, Kipkemei said he is perturbed to note that in this 21st century some cultures are still supporting early marriages for their school-going girls.

“The government has provided free education for children and some of you are still marrying out young children. This is not the way to go because you are destroying the life of that child,” he cautioned.

He said that while he does not want to be seen as denying the people their right to do anything with their land property, the commissioner cautioned young people from selling their ancestral land to buy cars.

“Sometimes I wonder what kind of mathematics some people apply when I see them selling land so they can buy cows. It should be the other way. Clever people sell livestock in order to increase their land space,” said the commissioner.

He advised pastoralists in Kajiado to keep many sheep and goats so the same can help them retain their children in schools instead of selling land to pay for fees.

“Whoever introduced this issue of land adjudication program in Kajiado must have made a lot of mistake. It is like a curse because everyone now wants to sell land because they have title deeds. A School fee for a high school student is Sh23, 000 but you will hear someone wanting to sell his land to raise that money,” wondered the commissioner.

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