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Semera Raises Red Flag on Shoddy Contractors, Says They Will Be Blacklisted

The county government has vowed to deal ‘ruthlessly’ with contractors who do shoddy work and expect payment from public coffers.

County Finance Minister Michael Semera issues stern warning to contractors.

County Finance Minister, Michael Semera, while addressing a public participation meeting on budget at Multipurpose Training Centre in Isinya, said it never be business as usual for ‘thieving’ contractors.

“We will not just blacklist the individuals but their companies too. After we have blacklisted them, they will not get jobs anywhere else in the country,” said an irate minister.

Semera said it pains to see public coffers going to waste through criminal people pretending to be in business with the government.

“Our roads and all other projects will be inspected to the highest standards possible. The era of paying faceless contractors for supplying vapour is been put to end. People pay tax to get services, and not air,” said the minister.

In the well packed public gathering, Semera said governor Joseph Lenku has raised a red flag for those wanting to reap from where they have never planted seed.

Participants at Isinya Multipurpose Training Centre.

“What our governor has said is, we will not only blacklist those shoddy contractors but will also take them to court for their bad work,” Semera said.

He appealed to members of public to assist the county government by pointing out those briefcase contractors, who have been ‘stealing’ from government for non-delivery of services.

While delving on the budget process for the Kaputiei North Ward, Semera urged the participants to choose wisely what should be factored in the budget.

“The government does not have enough money to satisfy your wish, but with your wise decision some of the projects can been done in phases until they are complete,” said the Minister.

The meeting was attended by the area MCA, Joshua Olowuasa and the Kajiado East sub county administrator, Justus Metito among others senior officials from the county government.



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