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Mashuuru Police Arrest Five Over Assault On Woman, Daughter

Mashuuru police in Kajiado have arrested five men alleged to have beaten up a woman and daughter for protecting her from abusive marriage.

Garment business in Mashuuru town.

The officer commanding police division in Mashuuru, Paul Cheruyiot on Wednesday said the five are in police custody waiting to be taken to court, and would be charged with assault and causing grievous harm to the complainants.

“It is true have arrested them after they allegedly beat up Agnes Parkire, 22, over claims she escaped from her matrimonial home and sought refuge in her mother’s house in Oldarpoi are,” said Cheruyiot.

Cheruyiot dismissed claims Parkire was a minor in primary school, and said the woman has been living with her husband for the last five years.

“She has a four year-old child with the man, who has been abusing her. Her father died years back and the widow, who is her mother has been defending her child from outright abuse,” said the OCPD.

Parkire claimed her husband has been abusing her from the time her father passed on year’s ago. “He beats me every day without any reason. I had to make a decision to go back home and spend the rest of my life with my mother,” said Parkire on a friend’s phone.

Mashuuru Deputy County Commissioner, Stephen Nyakundi, said the police will pursue the matter to its conclusion.

The police said, after the woman took in her daughter, her in laws ganged up on Sunday and went to beat the woman and her daughter.

“The woman told me that it is true the man who married her daughter had paid pride prize (dowry) for the girl but her in laws sold all the cows after her husband passed on several years back,” said Cheruyiot.

The woman’s neighbour, Peter Seki, said on Wednesday that the woman’s in laws became violent after she asked them to refund her daughter’s dowry.

“They beat her like a snake. We have never seen such a thing in this village before. We are happy that the police have taken up this matter. We know that some elders are trying to ‘sweet-talk’ the woman so that she can withdraw the case but we are against that,” said Seki.

The OCPD said the five arrested will be charged for assault. The young woman and her mother were issued with police P3 forms on Monday so they can visit a medical doctor for examination.

The police said several elders, who are related to the late husband of the woman, have approached them to seek out of court settlement with the aggrieved woman and daughter.

“I am not going to allow this to happen under my watch because this is a criminal offense. The law is very clear, you cannot just wake up and beat up people and expect lenience from the justice system,” said Cheruyiot.

Earlier claims that indicated Parkire was a class six pupil at Megumi Primary School were dismissed by the police.



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