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Enchipai Campsite: Kajiado’s Newest Sensational Tourists Attraction Site

Perched on the open fields of Kaputiei North Ward in Isinya Sub County, a newest tourist destination site is gaining popularity among the local and foreign guests.

The Rooms

Driving on a rugged road from the Isinya turnoff for 19 km is itself a fun as you will occasionally bumped into ostriches crossing the stretch with ease as gazelles graze on the road sides.

Seeing zebras, gazelles and livestock grazing together is a common occurrence on this part of the Great Rift Valley.

Stopping once in a while as you drive on the course, you will be entertained by chirping birds and secretary birds walk across the talk grass in search of for food.

The Conference Room.

On arrival at Enchipai Campsite and Cottages, which is on the left side of the road, a cool serene site and the gate you will be given guest registration file to enter your details, and directed to the reception.

Courteous staff at the reception, including the manager will receive you with open arms to the site and offer to take you around the place.

The gazebos, the shape of Maasai manyata houses, are spread all over the site where campers can cool up after arriving there.

Enchipai Gate.

Lucy Atieno, the staff in charge of services at the campsite took us around the soulful and simply styled rooms with designer beds.

“We are simple, and yet styled here. We offer our guests memorable services that will excite them for a long time after leaving us for a desire to come back,” says our talkative host.

Their two-bedroom family rooms are equipped with a bedroom with one king bed, a second bedroom with two twin beds, a shared bathroom and private balcony overlooking the majestic grasslands.

The Gazebos.

Campsite manager, Peninah Koech, says with the freshest produce delivered right from the land and meats and dairy products sourced from the communities surrounding the campsite, the foods, flavours and culinary traditions are celebrated in every dish.

Enchipai Campsite and Cottages, according to director Joe Oyatta was created for adventurers with an African dream.

Lucy Atieno is Enchipai’s staff in-charge of general services.

“It is majestically perched on the Isinya escarpment with sweeping view of the great Rift Valley and with a site just beyond the golden, acacia-specked savannah, this campsite offers a graceful blend of stark beauty and lavish comfort,” says Oyatta.

The campsite has offered the local communities to sell their beading materials to the local and international tourists so they can make a living.

MCA Joshua Olowuasa plants a tree at Enchipai Campsite on April 14.

The campsite encourages local dancers to entertain the guests with a fee whenever their services are requested by the visitors.

Other than the tourism activities provided here, the management has put up a massive conference room for public meetings.

Government agencies, non-governmental organizations and private parties can seek such services at the facility.

Enchipai’s director David Oyatta and Manager Peninah Koech listen to speeches during the tree planting event on April 14.








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