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Court Well With Investors, MCA Olowuasa Urges Residents Of Kaputiei North Ward

Kaputiei North MCA Joshua Olowuasa has urged residents of his ward to work closely with new investors for sake of tranquility and cohesiveness.

Kaputiei North Ward MCA Joshua Olowuasa at Enchipai Campsite on April 14.

Olowuasa made the remark in his ward when he led a tree planting exercise at Enchipai Campsite and Cottages, some 19 km, east of Isinya town along the Konza Road.

He said he is impressed by the tourist campsite management for giving the local people an opportunity to trade their artworks and even direct employment.

The MCA urged the local community to cultivate a good working relation with investors around them.

“I am doing my best to ensure that the road leading to the campsite and beyond to Konza is worked on to improve its condition. I have held discussions with various stakeholders including Enchipai Campsite on the future of this road,” said Olowuasa.

He said the county government is aware of the road condition. The road was recently swept away by raging flood water some 2 km beyond Enchipai Campsite on the way to Konza.

The MCA thanked the campsite management for initiating the planting of trees in the area.

“Without trees in this area we will all be doomed. I encourage every one of us to plant a tree or two and to tend the same,” said he.

After the function at Enchipai, Olowuasa left to Ipolosat at the home of Vincent Saitabao to preside over a house warming ceremony.

He later proceeded to Emblio at the home of the late Pastor Topiar where he presided over a funds drive for the pastor’s widow and children.

Later in the evening, Olowuasa went to Kisaju at the home of county government retiree John Ntoika for a thanks giving before attending a colourful ceremony of Mr. and Mrs. Simon Magilu at the ward.




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