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Leadership Squabbles Forced Nkedianye, Majority MCAs Exit Politics -Moipaai

County Assembly Majority leader, Julius Moipaai, says disunity among MCAs and former governor David Nkedianye caused their exit in last general elections.

Seated on the high table from left is county majority leader, MCA Julius Mipaai, DG Martin Moshisho, First Lady Edna Lenku and nominated MCA Jackline Lalaito in Kimana.

Moipaai, while speaking during the homecoming of nominated MCA Jackline Lalaito, said in-fighting among the former MCAs and their governor gave them a direct ticket to exit political arena.

“What do you expect the voters will do if you become unruly and forget what they elected you for? They will just dump you and move on. Kajiado Maasais have become cleverer than before and have ‘medicine’ for wayward leaders,” said Imbirrikani MCA.

The MCA was advising Kimana MCA, Peter Parsen, who was also present during the ceremony to work closely with nominated MCA, Lalaito for the sake of development of the ward.

“Leadership is about embracing unity for the sake of development. I am urging the electorate in Kimana to respect their elected leader, Parsen, and allow him to forge unity with Lalaito in bringing services to you.

We could not immediately establish why Moipaai chose to use the example of good leadership with MCAs Parsen and Lalaito.

The majority leader said MCAs, under the wise leadership of governor Joseph Lenku have decided to work together in all the levels of development in a bid to recover what was lost in the five years of ‘doom’ leadership.

“We do not want to follow that last doomed path but to deliver our mandate and what we promised the people during our last campaigns,” said Moipaai.

Speaking during the occasion, MCA Lalaito said she is ready to work hand-in-hand with Parsen and other leaders at the county assembly.

“I am grateful to my husband for ensuring I was nominated through PNU to the county assembly. I campaigned for my husband in the last election, and although he never made to parliament, he ensured that I got that ticket,” said Lalaito.

County Roads minister Alex Kisota announced that a 14.5 kilometre road in Kajiado town will be upgraded to bitumen facility during the 2018/2019 financial year.

Kisota said in the following years, roads in Ongata Rongai and Kitengela towns will also be upgraded to bitumen.

“We also have plans to construct the Kimana-Namelock road, St. Claire – Maili 3 road in Kajiado South and Entonet-Lenkisim road,” said Kisota.

The county minister also indicated that the regional government has plans to connect Rombo and Kuku ward by road, Entonet-Namanga town in Matapato South Ward and Imbirrikani and Eselenkei Ward through a road network.

Speaking during the occasion the county First Lady Edna Lenku said nominated MCA Lalaito is a role model for young women in Kajiado.

“She is a God-fearing woman, who has respect for those close to her. She is a kind of leader who can make a role-model for others,” said the First lady.

Mrs. Lenku said her role as first lady is to peep in to the goings-on in the county government and see what tenders are available for our women. “Thereafter, it is my duty to speak to the governor to assist our women,” added she.

About 95 per cent of elected and nominated MCAs attended the ceremony among top government officials led by deputy governor Martin Moshisho and nominated Senator Mary Seneta.



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