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Inchurra Women Break Poverty Barriers Through Beading

By Linet Minayo.

The cool breeze blew down Mt. Kilimanjaro slopes and spread through the fields engulfing Enkong’u Narok villages, in the larger Amboseli ecosystem, made me rethink about my Mother Nature.

Inchurra Village chairman Joseph Sesu. (1)

As we drove through the Amboseli National Park in March, the birds of the wild chirped, tweeted and shrieked at their best levels as if to welcome us to their world.

The cheeps gave me a perfect relaxation, as those in my team talked the common politics of handshakes and the Migunas of this world.

The cool air, and the bumpy stretch in between the destination from the gate, kept me awake as I watched the popular gazelles make love as if to shame some baboons warming away in the morning sun.

Inchurra Women Group receive us at their village in Amboseli.

Our team leader and Entonet/Lenkisim MCA Paul Metui, was telling his story of how he used to traverse the vast ward ahead of last general elections in his bid to seek votes.

I was deeply into nature. Antelopes, zebra, buffalo herds and elephants grazed along the Kimana/Amboseli road without in total relaxation.

Elephant grazes on the rout to Enkong’u Narok in Amboseli.

My camera had the busiest moment of its time, as I clicked away capturing known and unknown animals of the wild.

Our destination was Inchurra Village No.3 in Enkong’u Narok on the invitation of a women group that embraces bead-works branded as Kazana bracelets for export and local market consumption.

Behind the Inchurra Women Group is Europe-based women rights activist, Ambassador Murugi Kenyatta.

Kenyatta has been mentoring the group’s leaders for the last 15 years or so, in business management and uplifting their values through economic empowerment programmes.

Ekong’u Women and their bracelets displayed during this year’s women day.

“These women are in my heart. I enjoy every moment with them, and they have accepted me from the bottom of their hearts,” Kenyatta said in her message during this year’s Amboseli Women’s Day.

Inchurra Village No. 3 chairman, Joseph Sesu, talked big of Kenyatta’s achievements in mentoring women to be financial dependent.

MCA Paul Metui plants a tree during Amboseli Women’s Day at Inchurra Village on March 24.

“Kenyatta is our mother and great mentor to our women and girls. She has fought all manner of outdated traditions that are injurious to a Maasai girl child and opened up markets for our bracelets in the country and abroad,” said Sesu.

Women leaders who spoke during the occasion praised Kenyatta for opening up their minds.



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