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Lenku Rallies Pastoralist Community Leaders’ Support For United Front

Governor Joseph Ole Lenku on Wednesday night  called upon pastoralist community leaders to be proactive in pushing for national policies and legislations supporting their values.

Leaders listens to governor Joseph Lenku on Wednesday night as he made his speech at MTTI Kajiado.

Lenku said pastoralism is a way of life for the communities whose livelihoods have revolved around livestock keeping, and their cause in pushing their agenda the leaders should remain focused and relevant.

He said northern Kenya had for a long time been at the forefront of pushing for such policies and legislation on pastoralism.

He revealed Kajiado county has joined the fold, and with strong representation of leaders from pastoral communities in the Senate and National Assembly, they are assured of responsive laws.

“Kajiado county is a key pillar in advancing development for our country anchored on the big four agenda as is championed by  President Uhuru Kenyatta”, said Ole Lenku.

Governor Joseph Lenku picks a meal during a gala night on Wednesday at Kajiado MTTI.

The Governor was speaking during a night galla he hosted for pastoralists at the ongoing Kenya Pastoralists Week at Masai Technical Training Institute.

He challenged key stakeholders in pastoralism sector across the country to engage in policy making processes at national and county level since that is the only way they would entrench prosperity of the trade in the face of climate change that is threatening to disrupt their normal way of life.

At the same time, Lenku implored upon investors to consider Kajiado as the next business frontier endowed with expansive landscape, beautiful scenery and a cosmopolitan composition of cultures.

Speaking at the same function, county commissioner David Kipkemei while praising the county government for hosting the Pastoralist Week urged the Maasai community to shun petty clanism and unite as one people adding that such groupings were the root cause of disunity and mistrust among the citizens of the county.

Different cultures exhibited during the pastoralist week forum at the MTTI Kajiado on April 10.

“Kajiado is the most peaceful and loving county, we should not avoid to uphold our culture but avoid petty clanism”, said Kipkemei.

His sentiments were echoed by trade CECM, Jackline Koin who called on the residents to maintain peace and tranquility that Kajiado has been known for adding that it is this that has made it the cradle of culture.

“Never run away from your culture but let us all work as one people,” said Koin.

The rich culture in the county has attracted investors from accross the country. Here Enchipai Campsite in Isinya is one of the many.

Also present at the function was former Senate Speaker, Ekwe Ethuro.

The Kenya Pastoralist Week is a platform that brings together pastoralism from across the Country to discuss among other issues, pastoral practices, livelihood and legislation governing animal trade and movement.

This forum is key as it happens in the face of imminent climate change that has changed pastoral patterns and it is hoped that the stakeholders will learn from and adopt best practices from other counties.



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