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Lenku Now Lifts Ban On Sand Harvesting After Week Of Squabbles

The lifting of the ban follows a mutual agreement between the county, sand harvesting stakeholders, community leaders and members of public to adhere to strict guidelines meant to streamline the industry.

Speaking in Kajiado on Tuesday night, deputy governor Martin Moshisho said the decision to lift the ban follows a series of meetings with sand harvesters and other stakeholders on determining a lasting solution to periodic wrangles between them and enforcing authorities.

Trucks carrying sand will not be allowed to overload, and any vehicles contravening the agreement will be heavily fined, said Moshisho.

In a move to curb corruption, all licensed sand loaders will be required to display authentic stickers on their trucks, Moshisho emphasised.

“We want to make sure there is zero tolerance on corruption by making sure that all trucks transporting sand have authentic stickers,” said the deputy governor.

The county DG highlighted that all sand loaders will now be required to acquire NHIF membership cards and belong to registered SACCOs.

Dumping of sand along the roads, the DG said, has now been outlawed and the police including the office of the county commissioner will enforce the law.








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