“Simel Wants Sh4.7million To Withdraw My Election Petition Case’ – Sunkuyia

Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

Former Kajiado West MP Moses Sakuda today called on politician, Joseph Simel, to work closely with MP, George Sunkuyia, for sake of tranquility.

George Sunkuyia after winning his first election petition case against Mashenan Simel on February 28.

Sakuda claimed Simel is “undermining” Sunkuyia politically and even being the man behind an election petition appeal against the incumbent.

But when we sought Simel’s comment on the matter he did not admit or deny he was jeopardizing Sunkuyia politically.

“What you are telling about a political stalemate between Sunkuyia and me is strange. I do not know why or where Sakuda dug that from. It is laughable to imagine I am behind that election petition appeal at the high court and yet I was not even involved when the petition was handled at a lower court,” said Simel.

But even while Simel is saying is saying he has nothing to do about the case, Sunkuyia came up with damning claim that the politician has demanded a back-scratch of Sh4.7 million so he can withdraw the pending case.

When we reached out to Sunkuyia on the phone, he confirmed the sentiments attributed to Sakuda that indeed Simel has an underhand in the pending election petition appeal in the court.

“The truth of the matter is Simel wants Lenku to pay him Sh4.7 million so he can withdraw the case. Those who went to court are his personal driver and his own younger brother. This man is not telling the people the truth,” said Sunkuyia.

Joseph Simel was ODM aspirant for the Kajiado West parliamentary seat but lost to George Sunkuyia.

Sunkuyia further claimed Simel invited governor Lenku to his home on April 28, without his (Sunkuyia’s) presence so that he could “discuss” about the withdrawal of the election appeal case.

“I have already told Lenku not to fall victim of modern day con people. Let Simel proceed with the case he purports not to have a hand in it, I am ready to face them in the court of appeal,” said Sunkuyia.

MP Sunkuyia said he has all the prove Simel was behind the election petition case that was thrown out of the courts in February for lack of evidence against me.

Those who appealed, according to Sunkuyia, are Simel’s personal driver, Mark Konana Supeyo and his younger brother, Meshana ole Simel and 2nd petitioner. Simel has never denied knowing the two petitioners.

Earlier on Sakuda, however, had insisted there is bad blood between Sunkuyia and Simel. He claimed Kajiado governor Joseph Lenku is in the know of political happenings in Kajiado West.

Immediate former Kajiado West MP Moses Sakuda.

“Simel has refused to accept that Sunkuyia won the last general election squarely. He has refused to sit down with Sunkuyia, and I have decided to join hands with Lenku in bringing these two leaders together,” said Sakuda on the phone.

He said he is aware that Lenku will be visiting Simel on April 28 in a bid to settle the differences between the two leaders.

Even as Simel says he has no problem with Sunkuyia, Sakuda told him to emulate the recent handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga.

“We have been in politics for long to understand the political fabrics in this county. I believe Simel is the problem, and has refused to accept defeat,” said Sakuda.

Simel said Sakuda is speaking like so because he has not estabilised his head after he lost the last election.

“You see, losing an election especially when you were a sitting MP can be very devastating. His head has not come to terms with the reality of the election results after August 8, 2017 elections. He is seeing what we cannot see with our naked eyes, and is the reason he is seeing visions,” Simel said.

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