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Lenku Issues Fresh Ultimatum To Sand Harvesters

Sand harvesters in the county have one week to comply with ultimatums set out by governor Joseph Lenku.

Lenku said failure to comply will force him to stay the three month ban on sand harvesting for a longer period.

The regional government wants stakeholders to surrender to authorities persons incriminated in a past attack on county officers overseeing operations in the sand harvesting zones.

Speaking in Kajiado, Lenku said the sand harvesting ban, that took effect last week, is still in force as his government explores possible avenues towards streamlining the thriving industry.

He said the ongoing talks are promising and asked all the concerned parties to adhere to terms of reference as regards the ban.

Second assembly - Joseph Lenku
Second assembly – Joseph Lenku

“We will review the ban period once we are certain that all the conditions for operating have been complied to”, the governor said.

Lenku spoke after meeting stakeholders in the sector following last week’s ban on all related activities that culminated into demos and barricading of roads by aggrieved sand loaders.

At the same time the governor directed sand loaders at the AIC -Imaroro Roads junction near Kajiado town to cease all operations forthwith until a lasting solution is found.

Jonathan Rotiken, a sand harvester from Purko Ward present at the meeting agreed with the governor’s directive saying it was the only way they can ensure smooth flow of operations within the industry.

The county government hopes to bring a sense of order in the industry within the next 3 months, said Lenku.





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