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Senator Mpaayei Hosts People Living With Disabilities, Provides Lavish Luncheon

In a rare show of love for the disadvantaged in society, Senator Philip Mpaayei today hosted more than 100 people living with disabilities at his Olooltepes home.

Kajiado Senator Philip Myaayei hosts post Easter Festival For people with disabilities in the county at his Olooltepes home on April 4.

Among his guests were Kajiado Women MP, Janet Teyiaa, Alex Munyere and Isaac Manyonke among others who are members of the National Council for Persons with Disabilities.

Mpaayei said he hosted his guests not because of political reasons but his heartfelt love for people who have lived with disabilities, and who most of them did not participate with other Kenyans in celebrating Easter.

“My wife and I sat down after Easter and felt that some of our members in the society should share with us this little lunch. We feel we are part of them,” said Mpaayei.

The senator said NCPD is a State corporation, mandated to formulate and implement policies that are geared towards mainstreaming persons with disabilities into the national economy.

“It also seeks to create an enabling environment in which persons with disabilities can operate effectively and efficiently. They cannot work alone, and as Kajiado’s senator, my duty is to ensure that no county budget shall pass through without the inclusion of these people every year,” said Mpaayei.

Teyiaa said disability in not inability, adding that the government should set aside funds to assist them to be self dependant financially.

“Our members do not need sympathy from anybody. All they need is just a boost and help to access county tenders like our able sisters and brothers. I am urging them to register themselves in groups so as to access government funds,” said Teyiaa.

Munyeri said people living with disabilities in the county face several challenges which include unfriendly facilities in schools.



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