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Shock As Ngong Police Officer Found In Compromised Security Situation

Regular police officer Omar was spotted in the morning of February 18 outside Gichagi Estate in Ngong.

Residents of Gichagi Estate in Ngong, Kajiado County, woke to a rude shock on Sunday morning when they found a police officer snoring away at the gate.

The officer, who was only identified as Constable Omar, was found without shoes and physically drunk before his bosses were alerted.

A resident told Kajiado News Update Omar is a regular reveler in the local pubs around the estates and was last seen at 2am in company of unidentified people.

Patrick Kimani, a local Matatu operator, said he spotted Omar at 6am and when he did not see him make any movement he first thought it was a case of homicide.

“We established later that he was a police officer from Ngong police station. Someone called the station and they came to pick. He appeared drowsy but steady,” said Kimani.

Area OCPD George Seda confirmed he had information that his officer was found outside Gichai Estate gate in the morning and said he will handle the matter “internally”.

“I am aware of that incident and I have ordered that he appears before me so that I can interrogate what could have led to that. When an officer is not on duty he/she is free to do what they like most out there, but this one is raising curiosity because it borders on his personal security,” said Seda.

Ngong town, like other major towns in Kajiado county, have lately been infested by twilight women cartels specializing in administering ‘rice’ to men they target their wallets.

‘Rice’ is a tablet that if mixed with any drink can cause devastating sleeping effects to a victim, who is then, robbed of his/her valuables.

Weda said he will be able to make his assessment after interrogating the officer to understand what could have led to what happened.

A police officer from Ngong who talked to the Star in confidentiality said he knows Omar well as a family man but he was shocked that he was found in that state without shoes and other personal effects.

“I know that he drinks beer but never have I seen him in this state. He must have taken in some other substances because it is not normal for a man to pee on himself in the influence of beer alone,” said the officer.

Weda, while talking on the phone, confirmed he is aware of rising cases of drink spiking in some of the major beer outlets in Ngong town, and that they mostly happen at night.

Victims of drink spiking, in most cases, do not want to be reminded of whatever they went through.

Peter Musau, a resident of Kitengela town, says he once lost all his house belongings and a car after a woman he thought he knew so well left him devastated.

“I was not even on alcohol but after sitting with her in a popular pub in town, I left her after she promised to join me at my house. She had excused herself that she would wait for her friend before joining me. I went home and after taking a shower, I flipped out,” said Musau.

He woke up three days later to find out that he was sleeping on bare floor. He never saw the woman again.



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