Outspoken Ngogoyo Leads MCAs In Opposing Redeployment Of Accountants By Executive

Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

Recent reshuffle of accountants from the Kajiado County treasury to various departments has raised eyebrows impelling the County Assembly to debate the issue.

The motion moved by nominated MCA Onesmus Ngogoyo on Wednesday under Standing Order 30(1) alleged that fifteen accountants were redeployed under unclear circumstances by the office of the County Secretary.

The motion which was admitted as urgent and of County importance by the Speaker, Johnson Osoi got supported by both Government and opposition sides of the House.

Ngogoyo, nominated, sought leave that the house discusses the conduct of the County Secretary, Francis Ole Sakuda, and the manner in which he was carrying out the day today running of business.

The nominated MCA said that the County Secretary had no role in redeployment of officers.

“Section 57and 59 of County Government Act provides that the County Service Board has a role in staffing and establishing offices,” said Ngogoyo.

Ngogoyo said that the County Secretary had written letters to several county officers on the matter of deployment in response to a report handed to him by Kerika Ole Ndere, Accountant General.

He blamed the two for designating rather than transferring the officers.

He also took issue with complete disregard of efficiency, qualification and performance of the officers reshuffled.

The nominated MCA termed the move an insult to educated professionals in favour of less educated.

Some of those affected in the treasury department have higher qualifications of masters, degrees and CPAK but replaced with officers with KATC who don’t qualify for the positions.

“It’s a matter of concern that someone decides to bring a cleaner for a professional job. Why change of qualifications yet advertisement before employment was clear on who qualifies for the job?” Ngogoyo.

Peter Tirishe (Mosiro), Joseph Masiaya(Magadi Ward), Moses Saoyo (Keek-Onyokie), Mwathi Pere (Ongata Rongai), Dickson Nkaloyo (Matapato North) supported the motion.

“This is a genuine concern and it is apparent from this that things are going wrong. It is important that this matter be relooked,” said Joseph Masiaya.

Mwathe Pere poked holes on the letter written by the County Secretary to the officers causing laughter in the House.

“When I read this letter that It has been decided that you be redeployed ….who are these who made the decisions? Its only chief officers who can effect such changes,” said Pere.

The County Assembly Speaker directed that the Public Service Committee investigates and furnish the House with a complete report in two weeks time considering that the matter touched on individuals, failure to which the Speaker will issue a ruling on the same matter.

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