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Kipkemei Bans Gambling, Illicit Brews In Kajiado, Asks Chiefs To Lead By Example

Kajiado commissioner David Kipkemoi has banned gambling in the county and immediately instructed the police to reign on law breakers.

Kipkemoi also launched a crack

Kajiado county commissioner David Kipkemoi adress issues of security at the MTTI when he met with all the provincial administration officials on February 14.

down of all illicit brews in the region and warned chiefs that their jobs will be on the line if the said drinks will be found in their areas in the next two months.

The commissioner made the remarks when he held his first meeting with all the provincial administrators in the county at Maasai Technical Training Institute in Kajiado town on Wednesday.

“We have a duty as civil servants to serve our people and set good precedents within our areas of operation. I want all of you to be felt on the ground in terms of dispute resolutions,” the commissioner told all the chiefs and their assistants, assistant county commissioners and deputy county commissioners drawn from al, the five sub counties in Kajiado.

He told the officers he is going to monitor their performance in the field and ensure that government policies are followed to the letter.

“I am saddened that under your watch members of public are complaining that gambling is widespread across the region have now been turned into school children’s dens,” said Kipkemei.

He went on: “Children are dropping out of school because they have entrenched themselves in gambling. Before those children drop out of school further, some of you sleeping on the job will have exited government service.”

The county commissioner reminded the officers to work closely with the police in maintaining peace along provincial administrative boundaries and in areas they serve.

Kipkemei, who was until one week ago was acting county commissioner after his predecessor was posted to the department of Agriculture, had been serving as senior deputy county commissioner in Isinya.

He has been in the limelight during the recent increased human/wildlife conflicts in Kajiado when he personally took the initiative to command forces from the provincial administration and Kenya Wildlife Service rangers in driving elephants from farms in Kajiado East to Amboseli national park.

“Your duties are limitless in your areas of operation, and this is why I am emphasizing that the hand of government must be felt all over. I want you reign on criminal activities. Separate the bad elements in the society and maintain peace,” said the county commissioner.






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