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Konana, Pariken Party That Raised Storm In Ewuaso Ahead of 2022 General Election

The people of Ewuaso Oonkidong’i Ward are still trying to come to terms with a political wave that blew across the region last Saturday.

Irmejooli villagers welcome Moses Konana, Lepeyion Pariken as they bring greetings from Deputy President William Ruto Ewuaso.

I was on my leisure travel across the ward on that Saturday when I chose to visit elders across a ridge in Olentoko village when a fleet of vehicles, loaded with people, headed north in the direction of Irmejooli village from the direction of Oltinka.

On making further inquiries, an elder from the area, who I can reveal here for purposes of keeping local secrets, reminded me of a not so old story.

“You people of these days forget issues very fast. Yes, I can see you have forgotten that, towards last general election there was a deal between several young men from here to bring down Justus Ngossor (the current MCA) and Justus Manyara was in that camp,” said the old man.

He went on; “Later on, when they thought they had moved towards unity, Manyara who had also showed interest in seat of area MCA jumped the gun midway and formed alliances with Ngossor. Manyara’s supporters disagreed with his move.”

It is said a big number of Manyara’s supporters in the party that opposed the current MCA lost temper and promised to move away and find other alliances.

Being a new entrant to Ewuaso Oonking’i political stage, Lepeyion ole Pariken joined hands with an upcoming tycoon, Moses Konana, a leader of the rebel group which declined Manyara’s proposal to gang up with Ngossor.

Kanana, the young man calling the shots across Kajiado West and most parts of Narok, is a close ally of Governor Samuel Tunai and Deputy President William Ruto.

Kanana is said to be eyeing Kajiado West seat in the 2022 general elections and has since joined hands with Pariken, the man keen in turning tables on Ngossor should he defend his seat that election year.

Sources close to the “new link’ on the block informs us that Pariken and Konana are Deputy Ruto’s spanner boys out to campaign for his presidential bid in 2022.

It is estimated that the two young men hosted more than 1, 200 guests last Saturday at Irmejooli village.

Our effort to reach out to Pariken or Konana hit a dead end as the two refused to pick calls even after we identified ourselves.

All those people who attended the party held at Konana’s cousin home could not reveal what transpired in the meeting that went through to the evening.

The appearance of the new moneybag in the name of Konaa is said to be the talk of Kajiado West constituency people. George Sunkuyia, whose election petition case has not been finalized, is also worried about the new developments fronted by Konana.

Although none of the two, Pariken and Konana, have declared their political interests, the local people say their coming to political field is a clear indication they are looking beyond 2022.



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