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Fearless Muguna Dares State To Harm Him

Lawyer Miguna Miguna was on Tuesday morning arraigned in Kajiado law court to answer charges of engaging in organised criminal activity contrary to Kenyan law.

Miguna Miguna consults his lawyer at Kajiado Law Court on February 6.

Miguna, who arrived at the courts under heavy police security, appeared before resident magistrate Edwin Mulochi.
His charge sheet stated that on the 30th day of January, 2018 at Uhuru Park, Nairobi County, jointly with others not before the court he was present and consented to administering of a oath to Raila Amollo Odinga purporting to bind the said person to commit a capital offence of treason.
The offence, the magistrate said, is contrary to section 59 of the Penal Code.
The charge sheet said Miguna was a member of a proscribed organisation, the national resistance movement.
He was also charged that he engaged in organised criminal activity contrary to section 3 (a) as read with section 4 (11) of the prevention of organised crime under Act number 6 of 2010.
Miguna refused to take any plea and demanded he be taken to Nairobi High Court.
He said he was to be arraigned at Nairobi High Court not Kajiado according to court orders.
Before the court adjourned Miguna demanded that he should be released to go and see his family.
“I cannot take any plea because the state has denied me access to my family. For five days I have been locked up unlawfully,” said Miguna as the Magistrate looked at him.
As Miguna was being escorted by police to the courts cell after Mulochi briefly adjourned his case he retorted; “I am fearless, it does not matter what they will do to me.”
When Migina arrived at Kajiado courts, he appeared neat and once in a while he would afford a smile especially when the court clerk called out his name.
Miguna listened attentively when all the three charges were read to him.
When he was asked by the magistrate to plead to the charges, he look up the ceiling and started complaining against his alleged illegal confinement in police cells.He did not mention about his health but strongly condemned the police for denying him access to his family.
He said he did not understand why he was being tossed all over by the state and yet he was fully aware that he would have appeared at Nairobi laws courts on Monday. When the court convened at 2pm, the magistrate ordered that Miguna be produced in Nairobi law courts at 3pm. He also ordered that Miguna should be produced before him in Kajiado on February 14 to take fresh plea after he earlier refused to answer to preferred charges earlier.



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