Arrest Former Iloodokilani Secondary School Principal, BOM Tells Police

Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

The board of management at Iloodokilani Secondary School in Kajiado West Constituency has accused senior Teachers Service Commission officials in the county of  allegedly covering outgoing principal’s fraudulent acts.

The board at the same time has written to Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission, Director of Criminal Investigations and the Teachers Service Commission to probe teacher Patrick Wambua, who has since been moved to Kuku Secondary School in Kajiado South.

The board alleged that the outgoing principal, Wambua, fraudulently “milked clean” the school’s account of cash at Equity Bank and parents are now forced to dig deeper in to their pockets to keep the institution.

Students are now moving out of the school in large numbers. In Form One, which opened to new students in January, there only 12 students in the class.

Parents are now skeptical in taking their children to the school.

Wambua went to Kuku at the beginning of the year before he could even officially hand the school to an in-coming principal. The board at Iloodokilani is questioning the rationale the TSC is using to transfer teachers who have been named in mega scandals to other schools.

The BOM chair of the school, Kenny Matampash copied the letters of accusation to the Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Education Science and Technology, Secretary Teacher Service Commission, County Director of Education, Sub County Director of Education (Kajiado West), the National Government CDF Board CEO and Kajiado West MP George Sunkuyia.

One of the board members, Taiko Lemayian, claimed Wambua was working in cahoots with the local police officers after he had been allegedly protected by the county TSC director, Daniel Cherutoi.

But Cherutoi denied the allegations but said he is aware of the claims made by the board.

“After I received the allegations, I wrote a show cause letter to the accused which he confirmed receipt. I further made my recommendations to TSC as we wait for audit report and the findings of the anti-corruption authority,” said Cherutoi.

Cherutoi further claimed that after he made his recommendation to TSC, the teacher was transferred to another school.

“I did what I was supposed to, and Wambua is fully aware that if he is found guilty of fraud allegations he will face the law as prescribed. We cannot protect offenders,” said Cherutoi.

We were unable to contact Kajiado West sub county director of education, Boru Kampicha for comment.

Mary Rotich, the officer in charge of staffing at TSC was also not available on phone for comment.

When we reached out to Wambua on his cell phone, we asked him if he is aware of the allegations heaped on him, and he said he would respond by calling us back. He never called as promised.

A special BOM meeting held at the school on June 8, 2017, and attended by all the members;  Matampash (BOM Chair), Wambua (Principal), Jeremiah Nairowua, Joseph Kiroyian, Taiko Lemayian, Irene Leboo, Peter Swakei (PTA Chair),  George Letema, Alice Tiapapusha, Daniel Nkinyi, Joshua Pesi and Jane Mutiso (Deputy Principal) to take notes, tabled damning documents against the principal.

The Chairman brought the attention of the meeting some allegations brought forward by one of the BOM of management in regards to misappropriation of the school funds. He summarised the four issues as; Students’ council conference held at Rangers Kitengela, Mathematic contest, County tournaments and CDF.

Matampash informed the meeting of a private discussion that he held with the principal at his office in Kajiado prior to the special BOM board meeting while trying to establish the truth on the allegations pointed above.

Student’s Council Conference

He said the principal (Wambua) informed him that the student’s council conference was held at Rangers Resort in Kitengela and that eleven students, two facilitators and one boarding mistress participated.

“He further told me that the Sh36, 000 spent on the conference was from his pocket and which he intended to secure a refund from the school account,” Matampash told the BOM.

A board member presented to the meeting a payment voucher made on the April 11, 2017 for student council conference at Rangers Resort Kitengela which is purported to have taken place from April 11 to 15, 2017.

The voucher had a budget of Sh144, 000 attached for; transport (Sh30, 000), food and accommodation (Sh60, 000), and teachers’ allowances and accommodation (Sh54, 000)

Teachers Jane Mutiso, Milton Otoma and Madam Felistus were purported to have participated in the conference.

To establish the truth the board interviewed Mrs. Mutiso, who confirmed the meeting never took place.

Mathematic Contest

The principal admitted that the Mathematic contest did not take place after Nairowua produced for the meeting a payment voucher drawn in the name of a Mr. Mokaya, who was purported to have received an imprest of Sh65,000 as budget of the contest to cater for sixty students and two teachers.

Wambua had earlier alleged that the contest took place at Kalulini in Machakos on May 21, 2016 vide payment voucher No. 191 and the same day.

The school’s accounts clerk, who was summoned in to the BOM special meeting, said she prepared voucher No. 191 and filed in her boarding file for the activity

The meeting observed that the voucher was approved by the principal as it bored his signature.

County Tournaments

The principal said in 2016, several activities took place among them; music at the regional level where AIC Primary Schools bus was used. The AIC bus was reported to have had an accident warranting the principal to hire a second bus.

He said the students spent one week out of their school during the events began on May 20 of the same year, while other activities that took place in 2017 during the county games and county music festival in Loitokitok.

A member produced before the board a payment voucher dated May 26, 2016 drawn in favour of a senior teacher, Otoma for Sh119, 500.

A budget was attached to it containing the signature of the principal as approving officer and a list of students who participated was attached.

On interrogating the principal, as indicated in the minutes, he said he was not sure if the activity took place.

The board had to interview Otoma who shocked the members when he denied having received the money and confirmed that the event never took place.

He, however, mentioned that on the same timelines he only took one student to Bomas of Kenya for a different event.

Constituency Development Fund, Kajiado West 2016

Kenny Matampash is Iloodokilani Secondary School BOM chairman.

The principal informed the special meeting that in 2017, one tranche of CDF money was received by the school in late April, 2017, while in the previous year the school received two tranches of bursary were from CDF and County Government.

The Chairman informed the meeting that he had requested to be furnished with all school accounts statements from June 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017.

The principal submitted all the said bank statements for: CDF, Operation and Tuition accounts.

The principal mentioned to the special meeting that that for he posted photocopies of the list of beneficiaries on the school for all the bursaries on chiefs’ office notice boards. He further issued all the students with receipts, photocopying them and forwarding the photocopies to either NG-CDF or County Government.

A board member produced a cover letter dated the July 11, 2016 whose reference was 002256 from the NG – CDF Kajiado West for the bursary that was awarded to 75 Students vide Cheque Number 002256 amounting to Sh375, 000.

A list of 75 students who were awarded Sh5, 000 shillings each was attached.

Together with the NG-CDF document, copies of seven receipts were attached bearing the names of; Emmanuel Sosio (Sh56,830) on receipt No.5179, Jedidah Wamijio (Sh44,160) on receipt No. 5180, Ntete Kakiya (Sh61,830) on  receipt No. 5181, Daniel Meloi (Sh47,660) on receipt No. 5182 dated, Jackson Emuron (S76,560) on receipt No. 5183, David Kasaine (Sh46,760) on receipt No. 5184 and Diborah Sintoyia (Sh 41,200) on receipt No. 5185 all dated October 4, 2016.

The meeting established that the above seven recipients were not in the NG-CDF list of beneficiaries.

The principal is alleged to have lied to the meeting that the fee register was out with the auditors and thus could not have been made available. On further cross examination on the NG-NGO handling, the principal allegedly became evasive by giving unsatisfactory answers.

After interviewing school’s accounts clerk, the meeting allegedly established that:

  • Most of the operations happened when she was on maternity leave.
  • The seven receipts were written by the accounts clerk from instructions of the principal in order to balance the books of accounts.
  • The Accounts produced the fees’ register with no NG-CDF bursary recipient entry indicating that no student who was awarded the NG-CDF bursary for the year 2016 benefited.
  • Receipts for 22 beneficiaries of NG – CDF Kajiado West were written and drawn from a separate receipt book whose serial number is 6,950-7,000 while present receipt book in use is 5850 – 5900. These receipts though were never issued to students and were brought to the meeting by the accounts clerk.
  • The bursary money was never registered into their fees balance register in favour of the students in the bursary list.
  • No returns have been made to the NG-CDF

The meeting established that the NG-CDF Kajiado West bursary was reflected in the school’s Equity Bank Account No. 0860298658857 statement of account entered on July 26, 2016.

In conclusion, the principal informed the board that the NG-CDF list was misplaced and thus had to instruct the accounts clerk to draw the seven fictitious receipts in order to balance the books of account.

Probed further, the Principal owned up and promised to pay the Sh375, 000.

Other Allegations

A signed voucher was produced in the meeting indicating that there was both PTA and BOM meeting that took place on January 21, 2017.

A budged that was attached to it indicated that:

  • PTA members were paid Sh17,000
  • BOM members were paid Sh24,000 and food for parents cost Sh50,000

The BOM members whose names appeared in the voucher reiterated that the meeting never took place.

The Principal refuted the claim and brought the school’s visitors book. On examining it, it was establishes that only a PTA meeting had taken place.

On interviewing the accounts clerk, the following issues were established:

  • The accounts clerk accepted that she was the one who developed the voucher on instructions of the principal and marked as folio 35 in her cash entry.
  • The BOM meeting never happened but only PTA meeting was held on the day
  • Money was drawn
  • Denied having paid any BOG member




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