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Three Out Of Seven Cows Die After Eating Green House Grass

Irate people torched a farmer’s home in Sathya area along Isinya/Kiserian on Friday over claims their cows died after trespassing in to it.

One of the three dead cows

The several people said to be neighbours of their victim first burnt down a green house valued at Sh300, 000, a motorbike belonging to the farm worker before bringing down the farm house.

The area is in Kajiado West and neighbours Inkokirding’a village where natural gas was mistakenly discovered late last year.

When police arrived at the farm at 10pm, they found three dead cows and seven others on their knees.

They were told the cows died after eating ‘grass’ in the neighbour’s green house. It was not immediately known if the cows had trespassed into the farm or they were let in by the owner.

It was established later that the farm belongs to a Nairobi lawyer who acquired it recently. Police said they are investigating the incident to establish an offender.

Meanwhile, the owner of the cows is said to have saved the seven cows after dosing them with detergent mixed with paraffin.

A police officer, who visited the scene, said he suspects the cows must have eaten highly poisonous substances in the green house.

“That poison must have been really concentrated because the dead cows we saw had their intestines oozing out of their anuses. I have never seen such a thing before,” said the officer.



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