NASA Comes Out With A Proposed Cabinet, Describes It ‘Regionally Balanced’

Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.
Kenya’s people president Raila Odinga at Uhuru Park, Nairobi on Tuesday January 30.

NASA on Wednesday released a proposed list of its cabinet with Raila Amolo Odinga taking the position of President and commander in chief of the armed forces of Kenya.

Odinga, at the same, has appointed Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka as his deputy, while Musalai Mudavadi is State House secretary to the cabinet and head of civil service.

Odinga’s closest ally, James Aggrey Orengo takes up attorney general slot as Miguna Miguna is NASA’s solicitor general.

As he has long said he would do, Raila Odinga had himself sworn in as the “people’s president” at noon on January 30 in the presence of thousands of supporters in Uhuru Park in downtown Nairobi.

With only limited success, the Kenyatta government tried to block media coverage rather than using the police to prevent the event.

The attorney general and other lawyers of the Uhuru Kenyatta government said the inauguration amounted to treason.

Odinga’s oath was “I, Raila Omolo Odinga, do swear that I will protect the nation as people’s president, so help me God.”

The crowd numbered about 5, 000 people. Odinga and his umbrella political movement, the National Super Alliance (NASA) has never accepted the legitimacy of the August and October elections, nor the subsequent court decisions that resulted in the second term presidency of Uhuru Kenyatta.

The proposed list in our possession is marked private and confidential. Below is the full list of the proposed cabinet.


  1. Ministry of Interior and Co-ordination of National Government
    Cabinet Secretary : Hon. Timothy Bosire (Kisii)
    P.S. Idris Abdirahman (Coast)
    C.A.S Hon. Mathew Lempurkel (Samburu)
  2. Ministry of Devolution and Planning
    Cabinet Secretary: Hon. Bonny Khalwale (Western)
    P.S. George Mboya (Nyanza)
    C.A.S: Muriuki Ndwiga (Upper Eastern)
  3. Ministry of Finance & National Treasury
    Cabinet Secretary: Dr. David Ndii (Central)
    P.S : Hon. Willy Mtengo (Coast)
    C.A.S : Jacob Kipkemboi Rotich (North Rift)
  4. Ministry of Defense
    Cabinet Secretary: Hon Ochillo Ayako
    P.S. Patrice Lumumba Nyaberi (Kisii)
    C.A.S: Tyson Muthusi (Lower Esatern)
  5. Ministry of Foreign Affairs :
    Cabinet Secretary: Hon. Martha Karua (Central)
    P.S. Hon. Judy Sijeny (Nairobi)
    C.A.S : Benson Musungu (Western)
  6. Ministry of Education : 
    Cabinet Secretary: Hon. Fatuma Somo (North Eastern)
    P.S. Rosemary Kariuki (Central)
    C.A.S : David Ochola (Nyanza)
  7. Ministry of Health 
    Cabinet Secretary: Dr. Noah Akala
    P.S. : Mr. Kibaya Imaana Laibuta (Upper Wesatern)
    C.A.S Beth Syengo
  8. Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure
    Cabinet Secretary: Dr. Evans Kidero
    P.S. Hon. Daisy Nyongesa (Western)
    C.A.S : Steve Mbogo (Upper Eastern)
  9.  Ministry of Information, Communication and Technology
    Cabinet Secretary: Cathleen Openda (Nyanza)
    P.S. Mr. Barack Muluka (Western)
    C.A.S Philip Etale (Western)
  10. Ministry of Environment and Natural Resource
    Cabinet Secretary: Hon Taraiya ole Kores (South Rift)
    P.S. Winnie Kaburu (Upper Eastern)
    C.A.S:  Kelvin Lunami
  11. Ministry of Land, Housing and Urban Development
    Cabinet Secretary: Hon. Thomas Mwadeghu (Coast)
    P.S : Hon. Samuel Kenani Omwando (Kisii)
    C.A.S John Ketora (South Rift)
  12. Ministry of Sports, Culture and the Arts
    Cabinet Secretary: Hon Bob Njagi (Tharaka Nithi/Meru)
    P.S : Paul Tergat (North Rift)
    C.A.S : Maurice Ochieng (Nairobi)
  13. Ministry of Labour: Hon Francis Atwoli
    P.S. : Hamida Ali (Coast)
    C.A.S : Hon. Peter Oluoch (Nyanza)
  14. Ministry of Energy and Petroleum
    Cabinet Secretary: Hon. Ogla Karani (North Rift)
    P.S.: Ceaser Asiyo (Nairobi) – C.A.S : Hon. Shadrack Mwongela Muthamia (Upper Eastern)

15. Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries
Cabinet Secretary: Hon. Dr. Chris Bichage (Kisii)
P.S. :  Micah Kigen (North Rift)

C.A.S : Silas Jakakimba (Nyanza)

  1. Ministry of Industrialization and Enterprise Development
    Cabinet Secretary: Hon. Farah Maalim (North Eastern)
    P.S. : Hon Zein Abubakar (Coast)
    C.A.S:  Gitonga W’muchau Wathanga (Central)
  2. Ministry of Public Service, Youth & Gender Affairs
    Cabinet Secretary: Hon. Rachel Ameso (Western)
    P.S. : Jacob Kelly (Lower Eastern)
    C.A.S : Enock Ombuna (Kisii)
  3. Ministry of Tourism
    Cabinet Secretary: Hon. Chirau Ali Makwere (Coast)
    P.S. : Kethy Kilonzo (Lower Eastern)
    C.A.S: Halima Abdi (North Eastern)
  4. Ministry of Mining
    Cabinet Secretary: Hon. Johnstone Muthama (Lower Eastern)
    P.S.: Joseph Simekha (Western)
    C.A.S: Benard Wakoli
  5. Ministry of Water & Irrigation
    Cabinet Secretary: Hon. Dr. Temi M. Mutia (Lower Eastern)
    P.S. : Petronila Were (Western)
    C.A.S : Basil N Mwakiringo (Coast)

21: Ministry of Trade East Africa Affairs
Cabinet Secretary: Hon. Norman Magaya (Western)
P.S. : Ronald Ngeny (South Rift)
C.A.S : Wilson Karanja (Central)


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